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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

Miles Davis's Actioned Posts



Gaming HangoutsThread Apex Legends |OT2| Got An Official Thread Here, Level 2
Reason User warned: lazy devs rhetoric
The 301 is still fine as is dear god man. The 99 needs a slight nerf. The longbow needs a slight nerf. Disruptors might need a micro nerf again. Do that and this game would be better off, but a few weapons need ever so slight buffs. I think the G7 could shooter every so slightly faster. Eva could do every so slightly more damage possibly. Same thing with Moz. I just don't understand why they are so damn lazy with legend and weapon balance. And don't tell me they aren't lazy man. They have buffed Bloodhound like three times and they still suck. Caustic sits here and is just a walking target. Nobody uses him for very good reasons. He's terrible. Pathfinder has fucked up audio, can grapple literally anywhere all the time, has a great hitbox, and is basically unstoppable for movement. How hard is it to keep these things in line like a normal dev team would? These guys are the slowest to balance anything I have seen in a long ass time. I think all legends should be able to climb slightly higher. Pathfinder is way too fucking in his own world with movement. Wraith and that tiny as hitbox is also ridiculous with very few things against her besides she can't grapple. It's time they actually started making this game better again.


GamingThread Respawn Entertainment: We need to lead by example (response to reddit controversy)
Reason User Banned (5 days): downplaying harassment
This pretty much seems how this goes. The whole damn point of this was this fleecing shit sucks ass, its immoral, and we shouldn't be doing it. Now we just arguing over stupid shit and defending devs cuz OH NOES weak sauce personal attacks made on a computer to a fake name. EA wins. They always do.


GamingThread Elden Ring announced (FromSoftware's largest game to date, Hidetaka Miyazaki x George R.R Martin, PS4/XBO/PC)
Reason User Warned: Antagonizing Another User
Yo, people need to stop with this fallacy bullshit. You just asked yourself a question that nobody said a damn thing about. Go reread those posts, child. Where did you spot the one that said people need 15m speeches? I swear to god in every From thread some dude brings this 15m speech fallacy up to deflect any criticism of their games. LOL. From is beloved for their lore. There is nothing inherently amazing about any of their character writing. Not that many video games can claim that at this point but still. From certainly is not on that list either.


EtcetEraThread Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide in Cell (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Ignoring staff post
I love how now this is a conspiracy you can believe in kids. Even if it is not true. This one is suspect! But the others are all not cuz NEWS was right all along guys! Even though the fire commissioners of NY want an investigation into explosives at 9/11 NO NO NO this one is the one the plebes believe in lol. The others under Cheney and Bush and the most corrupt admin ever were just tea and coffee. Why don't you all just realize your entire news theatrics is run by fucking 5 white rich guys who do whatever the fuck they want and nothing you believe is certain. BECAUSE IT WOULD THREATEN AMERICA MILES DAVIS! OH NOES!


Gaming HangoutsThread Apex Legends |OT2| Got An Official Thread Here, Level 2
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Accusation of Shilling; Accumulated Infractions
K per the restera guidelines I'm gonna have to ask you for 9 pieces of evidence. BS most people are positive on this garbage LMAO. I can barely party up without 3 code leaf errors. You are shilling.


GamingThread Gears 5 will not feature any depictions of smoking and the series will not highlight or glorify smoking moving forward
Reason User Warned: Inappropriate Commentary
Not really. Even from his replies this seems really a convenient time to drum up marketing support. As I said almost nobody cares if there is smoking in this game. Nobody is going to light a pack of cigs or cigars up because of Gears of War did it. The idea that Gears of War is somehow contributing to smoking is ridiculous. His idea that a game is escape fantasy filled with extreme violence does actually seem like a convenient excuse to model his game on standards for one issue but to let another issue go by because obviously he wouldn't have much of a game without it. So he can't stop violence why try? He can't stop smoking either so why try? IDK. I don't have all the answers. What he is doing is fine even if it is for marketing. It's his deal. That's the main point here. He can do what he wants. I don't see an issue with it. Vape and nicotine are bigger than tobacco will ever be at this point, and tobacco is not getting bigger it's getting a LOT less popular in a lot of places. Yes, some countries have a some problems with tobacco, but it has nearly nothing to do with videogames. Asian countries have major issues with smoking due to peer pressure and because they haven't had the time to see exactly what it does to the body after many years en masse. Rod's replies seem somewhat generic and random to me outside of the personal people in his life that were affected. I get that somebody he knows died of lung cancer. My grandfather died of lung cancer. Has nothing to do with anything for me anyway, and I certainly wouldn't be trying to make this some huge issue if it weren't for marketing of my game. I for one don't mind people smoking in media as long as they aren't hawking it on people. It's not a big deal to me. Teach your children about media. That being said I don't care what he does. If this is what he wants so be it.