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MetalBoi's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Sony can't just rely on good games for the PlayStation 5 to best the next Xbox
Reason User banned (duration pending): linking to a website associated with hate movements
Multiple sources in the article, for reference.


GamingThread The Anita Sarkeesian Story: 10 Years of Feminist Frequency (Polygon Article)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissing Concerns on Sexism and Rhetoric Associated with a Hate Movement; Prior Severe Infraction Related to Sexism
Shows she's disingenuous. She makes up a story to push a narrative, a false one, for clicks and money. She'd have been fine to say the obvious: that Bowser treats Peach like a commodity, but she goes astray saying Mario is also doing that, when in truth Mario and Peach are good friends. Who wouldn't try to save a good friend? She's kind of fringe, and I'm more of a centrist.


GamingThread "Atelier Ryza: Queen of the Everlasting Darkness and the Secret Hideout" announced for PS4/Switch/Steam
Reason User banned (1 week): defending sexism
That's a loaded question. In fictional media, you have all sorts of questionable choices in regards to characters and stories told. Look at how nonsensical tv commercials have become, look at all the things that don't make sense outside of a fantasy realm, like Samus being able to roll up in a ball, or the length of Bayonetta's thigh bones, or Assassin's Creed protagonists who can fall from multi-leveled heights to land safely in a cart of hay, or how quickly characters in FPS games can reload their weapons, for instance. The moment we trade fantastical ideas, stories and characters for ultra-reality is the day games become boring and we lose interest in them, because what's the point?


GamingThread So, about that PSVR 2...
Reason User Banned (1 day): Trolling
Are any of those accessories in the $400 dollar range? I just don't think they should bother with something that only a 5-10% of the base got tricked in to.


GamingThread Red Dead Redemption 2 has a 97 Metacritic and plays like absolute dog doo doo
Reason User Warned: trolling
No one thinks RDR 2 handles and plays brilliantly. No one thinks RDR 2 missions are not linear, restrictive and offer multiple ways to complete them. The people defending the game and saying it's perfect are simply fanatics of the developer and their games.