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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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GamingThread Apparently Sony paid for Monster Hunter Worlds time exclusivity & blocked crossplay [Claim unsubstantiated]
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Platform Warring
Sony just can't stop losing. You love to see it, but all the better for Capcom to reap the rewards. Lack of Cross Play is the worst thing ever.


GamingThread Hogwarts Legacy lead designer is Troy Leavitt, a game developer who used to make anti-feminist and pro gamer-gate videos
Reason User banned (duration pending review, this may be extended): dismissive behaviour in a sensitive thread
It's gonna be a nightmare to discuss anything about this game isn't it? I just hope it's a good take on the world, no matter what Rowling says is and isn't canon.