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GamingThread Goodbye Volcano High announced (2021, PS4/PS5/Steam)
Reason User banned (duration pending): whataboutism around sexualised imagery of minors, pedantry on the topic over multiple posts
There are studies spanning decades that have said that is false. We just went through this with videogames normalizing violence irl with GTA being the star of the show. Culture, society, and decades- hell centuries long propoganda normalizes things. Otherwise we should all be frighteningly concerned about the popularity of GoT.


GamingThread The behaviour of a significant part of the Pokemon community over the last few years has been toxic and irresponsible. It is time to stop.
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Antagonizing Other Users
We've really come full circle. Pokemon fans have went from the RPG version of CoD bros- willing to lap up anything GameFreak shits out so long as Pokemons logo is slapped on it and demanding every outlet give the game no less than a 8/10. Now, NOW they announce a $60 game cutting half the rooster for 'quality' reasons that people have largely called horseshit, especially given GameFreaks history of doing the bare fucking minimum and still getting millions of sales and all of a sudden we are a toxic community. I'm tired of this garbage. If EA/Ubisoft/Activision pulled this shit we would be taking a hot shit all over the company and salivating for the next fucking Jim Sterling video on Monday to put them on blast for another damn week. But oh no- Masuda had to make a statement. They worked so hard guys! Fucking tough shit. There is ENTITLED and there is rightfully criticizing a product that they expect us to pay $60 for. We are looking at a mainline Pokemon game that will have less content than the 3DS games for no good reason. The whole part of Pokemon is THE POKEMON. Fuck me if I had the gall to assume that before they did literally anything else in the production of a Pokemon game they would make sure ALL the Pokemon would be in it. Now the discourse is being swarmed by Let's Go: Legpee and hyper casual Pokemon players pulling shit out of their ass or intentionally obfuscating the reality of the 'NationalDex' outrage so they can boast about how they are the 'good fans' because they only play Pokemon for the 25hr amusement park story and drop the game shortly after. Meanwhile everyone else who dumps over 300+ hours doing some variation of post game content that REQUIRES all the Pokemon being compatible with the games to get maximum enjoyment out of it are nothing more than entitled goons despite the fact that not even 3 weeks ago these same players were defending everything about SwSh in the dumpster fire reveal trailer thread on ResetERA and beyond. Y'all are free to be the corporate defense force for the multi-billion dollar media behemoth. I'm sure James Turner himself will personally bless you with a review copy for your valiant efforts of downplaying- for the first time- a serious removal of a staple feature in the Pokemon franchise. Enjoy playing a game that gives you less for more. I don't want to see you in Activision/EA/Ubisoft controversey thread of the week after this.


EtcetEraThread Harvard Rated Asian-American Applicants Lower on Personality Traits, Suit Says (NY Times) [Read OP]
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Continuous racial generalisations despite being warned.
Yeah right. I'm not going to play the game of 'your a bigot because you don't want to understand others bigotry game.' Their close mindedness means that me existing is an uncomfortable experience for them. No amount of understanding culture is going to change the fact that I get the vibes that I'm not generally welcomed in their social circles. And that's just yet another group of people on a long list of groups of people that don't like black people. But whatever. I'm used to it. Happens all the time. Call me fake woke or whatever because I'm fucking tired of basically every fucking group in the planet that isn't black having negative stereotypes about black people and having that excused depending on who it's coming from.


EtcetEraThread Harvard Rated Asian-American Applicants Lower on Personality Traits, Suit Says (NY Times) [Read OP]
Reason User Warned: Off-topic generalizing of racial grievances among various groups.
No one is saying Asians don't face discrimination. But as a black woman some of the most racist fuckers I've met were those of Asian descent. That ONLY started to change for me when I went to college. When I walk into Asian owned stores I'm watched like a criminal, when I go into social spaces I'm either ignored or talked to with hesitation. When it comes to friends the vast majority of them go out of their way to ONLY talk to white people. They take our culture like rap and slang but treat us like shit and call us lazy, etc. And when it comes to hiring they pull even worse shit than white people when they hold the cards to employing you. As far as my experience goes the Asian community only seems to care about white discrimination when it affects them personally but they are more than happy to utilize those same tactics against other ethnic groups (Black/Brown people) when it benefits them. If greatest distress to the Asian community is fucking Harvard and people thinking 'you're too smart' while other ethnic groups worry if Skinhead Redhats and his band of cops will deport and/or kill them first over a turn signal than I'm more than happy to switch places with you.