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EtcetEraThread The Fight For the One-Piece Bathing Suit Emoji - NYT
Red Text It seems the controversy here is entirely created by the inflammatory framing of a benign request presented in the original post. This framing is preventing productive discussion of the actual story, and thus we are closing the thread to further replies.


GamingThread Mugsters - Publisher livestream!
Red Text From our FAQ: "Self-Promotion & Spam: Do not create threads featuring links to products or services that you have a direct involvement in. Users are welcome and encouraged to post in already existing threads about a product or service that they are involved in (including links that are specifically relevant to the thread) so that they may engage with the community. "


EtcetEraThread BBC News: Lions eat 'rhino poachers' on South African game reserve
Red Text We already locked a thread on this story due to it rapidly devolving into a celebration of death, and we do not expect this thread to be any different.