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GamingThread PlayStation 5 System Architecture Deep Dive |OT| Secret Agent Cerny [SEE STAFF POST]
Reason User banned (2 weeks): Trolling over a series of posts.
We have SSD bandwidth number, but if I remember correctly they never stated actual sustained numbers like what happens when NVMes are throttled due to heat. Also what are random 4K read speeds, which Alex said are what games actually use.


GamingThread PS5 Speculation |OT12| - Aw hell, Transistor's running this again? [Please read 03/16 staff post]
Reason User banned (3 days): Misinformation. Fearmongering.
Flu kills a lot more people yearly, actually also different strand of coronavirus. How come that people are just obsessing with this one? I don’t see the world stop because thousands of people die from flu. Ban people because of facts and their opinions? That’s exactly how coronavirus got so widespread, by suppressing people. Right now is perfect timing for anything positive, people are stuck home and most sporting etc events canceled. Perfect time to do a stream and have most views possible when everyone is online.


GamingThread PS5 and Xbox Series speculation |OT12| - Aw hell, Transistor's running this again?
Reason User Banned (3 days): platform warring over a series of posts
You know they were losing money left and right on PS3 forced them to offer free online service and games for paying subscribers, so it had those two things going for it as well as being the cheapest bluray player on the market. I’m pretty sure they’d want to avoid that. If Sony changed design in 2017 and tested in 2019 per github that doesn’t look too good does it? Sorry if I came across like saying they don’t know how to create a system or that they don’t want to spend money. I was stating things based on what I think would of been smart decision and common sense on target market. I still think that going RDNA2 is stupid decision for either of em not just Sony, if MS is releasing 2 systems I can see more justification there as they’ll be aiming premium price. Note how Matt also believes that one console system would look different specs wise than a higher end system in two system release strategy. So I must not be completely crazy I guess. They can both even be €200, still doesn’t mean they were working with same BOM in mind and seems like MS was working with like $50 higher bom in mind and all of that $50 could of gone to stupid RDNA2 for marginal gain.