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EtcetEra HangoutsThread Socialism |OT| The Dawn of a Red Era
Reason User banned (permanent): Downplaying the genocide of Kosovo Albanians in Serbia, a long history of inflammatory commentary
My ban is over but I feel no compulsion to post here anymore, if anything I just feel done with this place. The neoliberals have won and their message runs rampant all over the place. To somehow try and point out the underlying reasons for things happen in a dialectical analysis of the world situation just gets you branded as a "Russian shill" or Putin supporter. There has been a massive fucking campaign of painting all leftists here as supporters of Russia because "We hate the US. imperialism and therefore must love the Russian imperialism" which is some of the fucking dumbest takes I have seen in a while. Back 2 weeks ago I too made the assumption that the most likely scenario was that Putin wouldn't authorize an attack, cause the deck would be stacked against the Russian military and the assumption was that, maybe, he would think rationally about things. Turns out he didn't. I will eat that crow. I still stand though by analysis of that day still cause what we are seeing now is the Russian invasion grinding to a halt exactly because of the reasons I then pointed out: the world would turn against Russia and the Ukrainian people would take arms against an invader (polls telling 63% of the Ukrainian people ready to defend their country, give or take a chunk of that of anyone saying things and then still fleeing and you still got a hell of a civilian guerilla to deal with). I will still curse this "defensive" alliance of NATO that is a major cause of Putins rise to power and Russias alienation from the rest of the world. I found this quote from a 1998 interview to be quite telling of what the fuck went wrong with NATO still expanding when it's primary enemy, the Soviet Union, had fallen. And now my country of Sweden is considering to join this bullshit. It's a clusterfuck of stupidity and fuck Putin, that stupid, demented piece of autocratic shit, for driving people into the arms of another imperialist power. For NATO doesn't exist as just a sole "defensive alliance" where we might be called upon to rush off to defend another member, it is a military pressure that America suddenly can put on it's members. America remains the main controller of the alliance and can enforce rules and regulations onto it's members, how much to spend, what to buy, where to go etc. etc. etc. During the war of Serbia NATO participated, for some reason, as an aggressor and conducted a massive bombing campaign. There was no member state there, there was no defensive strategy being involved. Suddenly NATO members had to participate in a war that costs thousands upon thousands of civilian lives. Same with Libya. NATO suddenly dragged into a war as the aggressor, not defensively, to remove Gaddafi. I don't want people to be part of that. I am gonna post the statement of my fellow Russian comrades of the IMT, and then take a fucking break from this place. No war between peoples, no peace between classes indeed comrades. Stay safe out there everyone and don't stop fighting for a world where we, the proletariat, and not the fucking political and economical elite finally control our lives and fates.


EtcetEraThread Afghanistan economy has collapsed as a result of US refusing to lift sanctions, unfreeze curre. Millions flee to neighboring states
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): thread derail, metacommentary on discussions in other threads
Oh, yeah, cause that post comments on just one thread and not this forum at large that is currently fucking rampant with sinophobia and pro-American-imperialism being riled up by American media jangling keys in the shape of China and Russia to draw any criticism away from America. One country is fucking standing within it's own borders doing jackshit () and the whole forum goddamn explodes going "IT'S WORLD WAR 3!!" with over 80 pages, meanwhile America is right now actually financially strangling a country and it's people cause America is a fucking capitalist hellhole and this thread is not even 5 pages. Imperialism is bad until its AND FREEDOM™ , the fucking hypocrisy and mental gymnastics at display is disgusting.


EtcetEraThread Taliban has retaken full control of Afghanistan and declare Islamic Emirate
Reason User banned (1 month): Trolling a sensitive thread with insensitive commentary, previous similar infractions
To see a imperialist super power get it's ass handed to it once again by a tiny country with nowhere near the technological lead or global power structure? Nah, don't know why you would say that.


EtcetEraThread Miami Herald: ‘We are not afraid!’ Cubans take to the streets to demand freedom, food, vaccines
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Antagonization, Hostility, Whataboutism over a series of posts
I don't have to defend that at all. I can support the revolution that kicked out a and still criticise it for poor subsequent decisions.I can firmly, fully, say with all of my heart: No, you don't. Very fucking clearly you have no idea what you are talking about. I can with 99.99% certainty claim you have never opened up a single page of socialist theory. Whatever, I am out of this thread, peace and fuck America. Lift the goddamn embargo already.


EtcetEraThread Election Results 2020 - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (No Biden, this IS who you are)
Reason User Warned: Off-topic posting
When you're in this deep already, might as well just drink up the rest.I can't say I agree. It was quite clear that the DNC saw Bernie as an outsider and despite his popularity with the people did not want him to interfere with the party standards. As said, they are truly just a Centre Right party and their biggest concern is being in power. The DNC wins on the two party system as much as the Republicans does and Bernie sought to uproot a lot of the systems that keeps that power up. As much as we say that the Electoral System is shit, now that it helped the Democrats win again, are we going to see them now for example go after its dismantling along with the gerrymandering, the winner takes all etc. that Bernie did? I am not so sure about that. The DNC did not want Bernie on their platform making his points, and they did a lot to diminish his influence.


EtcetEraThread Democrats cancel Central Texas event after Trump supporters surround, follow Biden bus on I-35
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory commentary, thread derail
So, not that much different from how a lot of Americans are suffering right now under the current societal system?I am not American. It wouldn't be mine. It's for your sake, it's for everyone's sake... And the minorities of America have more reason than any other to revolt against the system. The BLM movement is already the largest in American history, and it didn't start under Trump's administration. This shit isn't a problem exclusive to Republicans, it's an American institutional problem that needs to die in it's entirety. Nothing is gonna truly change under Biden, he just wants things to "go back to where they were", which is the exact same shit that killed Micheal Brown and Eric Garner.