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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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Gaming HangoutsThread Halo |OT| She's Gone, Sir
Reason 24H Timeout: Continuing Insulting Users, after viewing a mod post about it
Again, no offense, but are we back on NeoGAF where everything we say won't be see as "second degree" when it's clearly the case? Especially when english isn't your primary language and you just write something to put your feeling on something without wanting people to be offended? I'm mostly asking because I didn't think people would be offended by "burning in hell" since I always thought this was nothing more than a pun in english. Oh actually, I think it's mostly a personal thing. I just don't find the magnum really fun (quite the opposite of Halo CE) to use, being the visual feedback or the sound design, and while I understood it's purpose when the BR wasn't patched, I don't see the point of keeping the magnum when the BR is now a better starting weapon overall, and the magnum should be replaced by the gunfigther magnum like it was during the Tuning playlist time.