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EtcetEraThread Joe Rogan laughs as friend Joey Diaz boasts about coercing women into oral sex in resurfaced video
Reason User banned (permanent): Defending a bigot, attacking the community, account in junior phase
If you actually listen to his show you know he leans left on most issues while also being conservative on many. I'm going to assume most people don't listen to his podcast for him. They do it for the guests he brings on. Which if you take reseteras word for it, you'd think it's all Nazis when in fact he has way more progressives on than right wingers. Just because you don't agree with some of his or his guests viewpoints doesn't mean he's a piece of shit. This type of authoritarianism from the left really worries me. But I guess if you want to be part of the cool club of the high horses you need to live in your bubble with other like minded people and fuck everyone's opinion that doesn't line up with yours with no conversation.