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EtcetEraThread "You're nothing": Joe Biden rape victim comes forward in brave audio interview
Reason User Banned (3 Months): Dismissing allegations of sexual assault, conspiracy theorizing across multiple posts
This is a tricky one. The inclination is to believe accusers, but at the same time her documented fawning over Putin and mockery of Mueller is a massive red flag given the general election opponent and his barely concealed allegiances.


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primaries & Caucuses |March OT| Super Tuesday Turbo XD Championship Edition & Knuckles (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Ignoring the staff post in regards to hostility, dismissing the perspective of minority members
It’s pretty reductive and condescending to say they can’t be. I think one who has zero interest in maintaining women’s reproductive rights or gay marriage or the provision of affordable healthcare is probably either coming at it from a position of privilege or sociopathy.