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EtcetEraThread THIS IS WHY YOU VOTE. ESPN: Trump’s Justice Department on Connecticut Case: “Don’t treat trans athletes as girls
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Concern trolling regarding transphobia; prior severe ban for transphobia
So post some scientific journal studies links. It's a discussion forum.


GamingThread Ronda Rousey in Mortal Kombat 11 is a disappointing and problematic decision by NRS (Check Staff Posts)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Transphobia
So let's agree on some values in no particular order. 1. Trans shouldn't be discriminated against. 2. Safety, especially in combat sports is very important. 3. There is such a thing as the integrity of a sport. Cheating, PED's, and crooked refs may be rampant in pro sports, but we tend not to approve of that. In my mind we are trying to determine where a transathelete's desires run in to conflict or potential conflict with 2 and 3, and where the concerns of 2 and 3 may over reach and run afoul of 1. Does that seem accurate? So what makes the quarterback an odd comparison to me is that within the framework of American Football there are no weight classes, just positions. Boxing, wrestling, MMA would simply not sanction fights where a 125 lbs division fighter fought a 185 lbs fighter. Nor would they allow a 125 lbs man fight a 125 lbs woman. The later example is simply because at the athletic peaks the divide between men and women's performance is vast enough that within those sports it'd be a no contest. Part of the debate is in how much advantage remains even after a pretty long period of hormonal therapy, and this same debate rages over PEDs by the way. There's some science that the body gains what I'm just going to call cellular memory, and that even when there's been a cessation of PED intake some of the benefit remains effectively permanently. Back to football, people would probably take umbrage with said quarterbacks undergoing surgical and chemical alteration to make themselves larger. And obviously the next frontier of this will be CRISPR babies versus unaltered. So to your point about the line being somewhere. I think based on what I've seen that that line has a really broad range depending on who is publishing and there are questions about the of that line. Likely there just hasn't been enough research to say with certainty, and it's a charged issue. Full disclosure: having grown up in an environment with rampant domestic abuse, there's an aspect of this that's never going to be comfortable to me. And I refuse to watch Fallon Fox's fights because she still registers masculine to me in a primal biological way that'd be disturbing in respect to her fighting other women. That said, I'm trying to maintain a compassionate perspective, but maintain it's not a simple answer.