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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

Indy in the Fridge's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Lance McDonald (Bloodborne 60 FPS patch creator) shares thoughts on Bloodborne PC rumors
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Hostility and antagonizing other members over a series of posts
yes if you choose to be so hyperbolic and define yourself and your interests based on a single fucking video game


GamingThread Twitch establishes a 'Safety Advisory Council' to help it sort out its rules
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Concern Trolling on a Sensitive Topic
She has seemed to be power-tripping . But, she's likely made a small fortune off the attention her comments have drawn.


EtcetEraThread Impressions for M.Night Shyamalan's Glass incoming
Reason User warned: inappropriate joke
Neither. It seems to be more of a "that's it?" twist and ending than anything else. Mundane, old-hat Shamalamadingdong gotchas. Also I have heard that there is a lot of breaks in logic during the third act. It's not just the ending.


EtcetEraThread Trump says he won't sign GOP immigration bill that would stop separating families at border
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Do not wish death or violence against others while using the forum - no matter who they are.
Red Text Mod Edit: This post was reverted to reflect its original content.
I'm done stepping around what I really think. I want him to die. I don't want it to be violent, but I wish he'd drop dead right this instant. God fucking dammit do I hate this man with every single fiber of my being.