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EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primary |February OT| It Can't be Worse than Iowa, Right? (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Misogynistic and Transphobic Rhetoric Over Multiple Posts; Prior Severe Bans for Similar Behavior
Sure. Let me tell you about myself. Im 25, married, 3 kids. I’m a union hvac worker in California. Make 90k a year taxable income. Wife has to stay home with the kiddos. So I guess I could be considered middle class. But living in California 90k with house of 5 probably puts be on the bottom of middle class. In aiddition to my killer union retirement I personally stock trade through my IRA’s. I plan on retiring by 50 hopefully sooner. 1) I don’t believe in illegal immigrantion. Im all for LEGAL immigrantion. Heck they could very well double their legal immigrants and I’d be happy with that. But I don’t think someone should just be able to come over without repercussions. I have plenty of friends of immigranted from the Ukraine in the early 90’s, as well as friends from Asia who immigrated. Do it the right way or not at all. 2) I don’t believe in a 20$/hr minimum wage. I think minimum wage isn’t designed to be a living wage. It’s designed to be a starting wage. It’s for young people/people drawing social security. And it’s there to start trainees. I think there are plenty of jobs that are hard out there that pay more. But people don’t want them. Lots of work in construction but no one wants to do it. I also don’t think tipped workers should make 20/hr. It’s crazy that a waitress can make 15/hr in tips that arnt taxed and then complain that they want 20/hr. Why on earth should I or millions of other people who work so damn hard doing nasty dirty work continue to do it when we could make just as much doing easy, gravy work. I’m not heartless either I want everyone to be able to feed their family’s but I don’t buy into this thinking that there isn’t better paying jobs out there. There are but they either are hard physically/mentally/ or require a lot of training. Heck my job had a 5 year apprenticeship where pay was really bad in the beginning. 3) I believe in free markets. I don’t think billionaires are necessarily bad people. They mostly became rich by selling something. Which means citizens had to willingly give them money. Which means normal everyday citizens paid them to make their lives better. 4) I don’t believe in socialism. I thinks it’s crippled every country that adopted it. Denmark imo isn’t one. I mean hello don’t they have a free market. 5) I believe in less government not more. Government is bloated. They do everything for more. Wasteful. 6) abortion. I believe in “my body my rights”. But when the baby can feel pain I think they now have rights. So I’m fine with aborting till around around 14-16 weeks. My baby was born at 22 weeks and I think that’s way too pay to abort. If you get rapped the government should give free pregnancy tests/ultrasounds so to detect the baby before the cut off date for abortions. Then they should pay for it ONLY if rapped. 7) I don’t believe in free handouts. I believe in hard work. This one is big. 8) I don’t think college should be free. I’m 25 so I know tons of young people who went to/going to college. I a huge amount just do it to party/not work. They spin aimlessly with no major or major in a fantasy area that won’t get hem employeed. I don’t want to pay for that. 9) free speech. I shouldn’t be forced to use pronouns though I absolutely would if someone asked. 10) guns. I believe in the second amendment. I don’t believe in gun confiscation. I think that would result in law abiding citizens turning in their guns and criminals not. A CRIMINAL by definition is someone who doesn’t follow the law. 11) climate change. I think our efforts should be to focus on carbon capture not zero emissions. Our country is small Co2 producer when considering the whole world. Develop the tech for the whole world to use I’m not a racist. I think poor people should be able to get healthcare, especially poor children. I’m not sexist. I’m a working class American who loves loves his country. 8 years ago I considered myself a moderate. With beliefs like those I was but now I’m probably considered a far righter. At my core I believe in capitalism.


GamingThread Updates on The Last Night's development
Reason User Banned (3 Weeks): Excusing bigotry and misogyny; previous infractions
No I don’t think any of those views are ok. A lot of them seam to be very bad. However he has the right to have whatever views he wants. We all have some views that are deplorable to others. My views on home defense would probably be looked upon poorly by many here. Im not going to wish evil on someone because they believe something different than me.


GamingThread Fortnite streamer DrDeadMoth physically abuses SO on live stream (UP: Charged)
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Victim Blaming
Guy is obviously a dirtbag but the women isn’t a saint either.