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EtcetEraThread Chick-Fil-A owner and other Christian billionaires funding fight against the Equality Act
Reason User Banned (Pending admin review): Derailing a thread about bigotry with tone-deaf off-topic commentary. Multiple previous serious infractions.
In the morning they have these really thick, moist, fluffy biscuits that are honestly the best fast food biscuits I’ve eaten. The chicken filet is a little smaller than the sandwich filet but not as small as the minis.


GamingThread Demon's Souls Remake - Review Thread
Reason User Banned (1 month): history of drive by trolling, numerous severe infractions. Any future bans may result in severe moderation
It’s kind of funny for your big $70 next-gen flagship title to be a port of mid-budget game from two gens ago.


GamingThread Actress Laura Bailey getting heinous harassment and death threats over The Last of Us 2 character
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Ableism, prior severe bans.
Unfortunately everyone uses the internet, including the mentally ill you would have to be mentally ill to go after an actor for the actions of a character they didn’t write for, let alone threatening violence over fiction in general.


GamingThread So, I'm locked out of my Switch game right now because of a 'required update'
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Trolling, Derailing, and antagonizing other members, long history of previous infractions
I’m so deeply sorry for your loss truly, Nintendo are monsters for wanting to improve the user experience


GamingThread Exclusives suck (unless developed with a specific hardware limitation/use case in mind)
Reason User banned (3 days): hostility, accumulated infractions
Lol there’s so many little babies in this thread first party exclusives make absolute sense and targeting a single platform leads to better-optimized games you dinks also, if you are bringing “corporate greed” into this argument you sound like a dingus. Think about what you’re implying.that’s funny because I’m pretty sure there’s hundreds of pages of posts on this forum about how Epic Game Store exclusives are inherently vile despite not needing different hardware to play them


GamingThread Death Stranding - Review Thread (see staff post for discussion guidelines)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Ignoring Staff Post
From what I've gathered, the main question you need to ask yourself before buying the game is this:


GamingThread Persona 5 The Royal - PV #1 (Third Semester, New Characters & Areas, Pro Support); Oct 31, 2019(JP) and 2020 in the West [PS4 Only] - See Staff Post
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Ignoring Staff Post; Accumulated Infractions
Is vanilla P5 that bad? I also find it odd that one of the main complaints of P5 is that it's too long already but this is just inserting way more shit, no? At any rate, I've played all the Atlus RPGs I've wanted to play that are available.Well, I def believe him now but it's not like they can't decide to do a Switch port later (hell, as of today given the response to the announcements) without telephoning Jason to let him know first. Like, it wouldn't surprise me if they announce P5R for Switch when we get closer to the PS4 release. Or hell, AFTER the PS4 release.


GamingThread Capcom Home Arcade announced! Releases October 25th 2019, 16 classic Capcom arcade games
Reason User banned (1 week): Advocating piracy, history of similar behavior.
What an incredibly awful concept execution. Honestly, most of those games are something you'll play once, for a few minutes, then never again. The hacking comunity could have saved this if it weren't for that awful logo-design.No, you don't. Download FB Alpha.


EtcetEraThread Liam Neeson's real-life rape/revenge tale (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned(2 Weeks): ignoring modpost, arguing in bad faith, dismissing concerns of racism
You're right, I'm playing Devil's Advocate but it's something I personally do in a lot of threads concerning a wide array of subjects. Maybe I'm being naive or misguided but I do this to help me work through my own thoughts, it's certainly not because I give a shit about Liam Neeson.


GamingThread So, yeah, Path of Radiance is about $300 now.
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Advocating Piracy. Please do not admit to or advocate piracy on the forum.
It's a fucking travesty. The two best and most reliable sites, Emuparadise and ISO Zone, snapped out of existence. But don't worry, Nintendo is going to give you 20 NES games with your online subscription! There's one place left I trust and I have deal with adfly and offsite hosting. I'm downloading whatever I don't have yet and putting it on my external HDD and then I'm done with it. Fortunately I already have a lot. Before people start screaming about piracy I'll just say this: yes, it is piracy. But the vast majority of what I am interested in is no longer commercially available. If companies like Nintendo want to start selling GameCube games again I will happily buy them. But buying used only puts money into the hands of the seller. Nintendo, etc. won't get a penny.


Gaming HangoutsThread The Pinball (digital and physical) ERA |OT| Full Tilt
Red Text winner
But seriously, there was some excellent effort all around. With 43 participants we exceeded my expectations and I'm happy to say that I will be hosting an Official (?) ResetEra Tournament every month starting.... ! Every month I will begin a Classic Mode tournament that will last an entire week. It will show up as "ResetEra" under the tournament list in PBFX3 (I created a profile just for this purpose) and will be password-protected so only our community can join. The of this tournament will get a for their choice of eShop, Xbox or Steam - the three eligible platforms for participation (sorry Sony and Mobile, we'll figure something out for you at a later date, but you can't cross-play.) Future prizes for future tournaments subject to change but this is where we're starting. I will personally be providing the code. As such, I will be playing under my Hot Ham profile :) If you win you merely need to post a screenshot of the victory results page as shown above to confirm your identity and I will PM you the code. If you do not claim your code within one week I will give it to the 2nd place winner, and so on. You guy have about 24 hours to decide the next table pack the tournament table will be chosen from. I will collect these votes from the so we aren't cloggin up the other platform threads with this voting malarky. Post the TABLE PACK you would prefer FROM THE LIST I PROVIDE BELOW. The pack with the most votes will have a table CHOSEN AT RANDOM for this month's tournament! Carnivals & Legends Iron and Steel Bethesda Jurassic Park Aliens vs Pinball Whew. Okay, I will provide any further details tomorrow when I announce what the table is going to be and will likewise get the giftbot going. If anyone thinks this should get its own thread PM me, I can't make threads but I am making a banner graphic. Thanks for participating!


Gaming HangoutsThread The Pinball (digital and physical) ERA |OT| Full Tilt
Red Text The Inaugural Monthly ResetEra Pinball FX3 Tournament will start tomorrow at 12:00PM EST and will run for 1 week.
Exact prizes are being determined but so far Full details tomorrow. There may be two tournaments, one for Switch/Xbox/Steam for sure and possibly one for PS4/Steam. You have until 11:30AM EST to get in your votes. Vote for one table pack: Carnivals and Legends Iron and Steel Bethesda Aliens vs Pinball Jurassic Park Please quote this or @me with votes Thanks for participating and have fun! We want as many folks as possible to join! Hit me up with any questions!


Gaming HangoutsThread The Pinball (digital and physical) ERA |OT| Full Tilt
We keep getting this question since lots of fresh blood is coming in so I've got a handy little guide for you guys based on my SUBJECTIVE opinion as someone who has been playing Zen tables for years. Feel free to elevate the status of a pack based on your interest in the themes or license. I will be grading these tables based solely on how fun they are to play IMO. The best pack on Switch. A great place to start for anyone. 3 varied tables based on 3 different licenses: Doom, Skyrim & Fallout. In Skyrim your progress on the table carries over from game to game. You create a character, acquire loot, fight monsters, level up and travel to cities and dungeons, trying to get through the main quest of defeating all the dragons. Fallout is similar but progress resets after each game. Doom is my favorite. A fantastic 3 pack of well-designed tables that feature big dinosaurs stomping around. Original voices from the films but no original music. Play the soundtrack from YouTube! This is my 2nd favorite pack on Switch Another great pack of 3 tables. In Aliens you'll play through the events of the film in one of Zen's best tables. Original voices, no original music. In AvP you'll play as a Predator fighting xenomorphs and humans alike. In Alien Isolation you'll act out moments from the game. This is a solid, fun pack. Four tables, of which two are pretty good and two are just okay. I enjoy the Family Guy and Bob's Burgers tables but foubd the American Dad and Archer tables lacking. None of them reach the heights ofnthe best tables described above but this is a decent pack for the asking price. A perfect storm of blandness. Back to the Future leads the pack and has some fun stuff going on, but it's severely hurt by a bland presentation, a lack of licensed music, no licensed actor likenesses and lame sound-alike voice actors. E.T. and Jaws also have the same cons but in addition are just very dull to play. Zen has come a long way since these tables made many years ago. The four tables featured in this pack are very mediocre, especially when compared to the above. Probably the worst pack on Switch. Like Zen Classics, these are pretty old tables. Unlike Zen Classics, two are actually prettt solid. Pasha is actually quite excellent, and Biolab is solid and fun. Unfortunately, secrets of the Deep and Rome are total snoozefests. Still, if you don't care for the Balls of Glory Fox Animation shows this is probably a better buy as a $10 4 -pack. Did I say Zen Classics was the worst pack? Well Sci Fi gives it a run for its money. 3 old Zen tables for $10 rather than 4 makes it one of the worst values. Earth Defense Force is better than any of the tables in Zen Classics, but it's still not a great table. Mars is up there with Rome as one of the most boring tables they've ever made. Paranormal is actually pretty good, better than any of the Classics tables, which is a shame because it's not worth $10 alone. While the priciest of the 2-packs, Carnivals & Legends is also the newest and best. Son of Zeus and Adventure Land are both awesome, with the former having you assist Hercules in his battle against Hera and her minions, and the latter having you run through an amusement park. I love this set and if you downloaded PBFX3 when it first launched on Switch you already got it for free! Another high-quality 2-pack that comes strongly recommended. In Wild West Rampage you'll do battle against outlaws and a corrupt sheriff to protect a town, eventually stopping a train heist. Castlestorm is based on Zen's tower defense game and sports a fun medieval fantasy theme with dragons and castle seiges. This two-pack of older Zen tables is actually not bad. Epic Quest is a great table with persistent character progression like the Skyrim table. Excalibur is a little less exciting but solid none the less and features an Arthurian Legend theme. Based on TellTale's Season 1 of TWD. Another solid game, kind of middle-road. Not bad by any means but not near the top, either. Features original voices and missions based on each episode in which you'll have to make some of the decisions from the game which will impact the way modes play. Based on Portal 2, specifically. This is a combo-heavy table with some tricky shotd as portals will send the ball out to unexpected places. I like this one but it does have a sort of bland look to it. The voices from the game are present which helps. I put it on the same level as The Walking Dead. Wait, this is thetable! It also just so happens to be one of Zen's best! This an older one bit it holds up winderfully. It was also given a new coat of paint for PBFX3, the playfield art being vastly improved. Contains Medieval, Classic, Sci fi packs. As the $5 Medieval pack is the only quality one this is a definite no. Contains: Core, Carnivals & Legends, Iron & Steel packs. If the Core set interests you then this is a pretty good deal! Otherwise you're better off getting the other two packs seperately. You can play in table top or with a single Joy-Con attached. Works on your TV or Monitor, too! for PBFX3 newbies: Go into Settings and disable the guide pop-ups. Annoying! Change Pop-up Score value from 10,000 to 1,000,000 and Major Pop-up Score value from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000. That's much better! You can turn off ball trails, mute annoying voice overs and mute music. Classic Mode means no perks, no gimmicks, but you can still level up perks while playing Classic Mode. Handy for tournaments that DO allow perks, these give a huge advantage! Note: You must level up perks on each table for Pinball Beginners: Don't Double Flip - aka don't press both flippers simultaneously Try to control the ball, try to bring it to a stop on the flippers so you can look at the board and plan your next shot. There are many ways to do this. Pinball is mostly skill, not luck. The board is designed to punish a bad shot with the powers geometry and physics Don't be afraid to use the analog stick to nudge! It can dampen ball momentum and change its trajectory. If you do it too much you'll TILT and lose your ball and bonus points, so be careful! Once you have a feel for the shots on a table its time to examine the playfied to see what you should do. Look at the DMD (Dot-Matrix Display) for hints on what to do during modes. Consider reading the rules of the game! When in doubt, shoot at the flashing lights! Relax, have fun, failure is the stepping stone to success and pinball has a STEEP learning curve! Consider playing real pinball somewhere in your town or city! It's even better!


Gaming HangoutsThread The Pinball (digital and physical) ERA |OT| Full Tilt
Red Text Important Tip to all new Pinball FX3 Players!!
Stop what you're doing, go to , turn off annoying pop-up/guide notifications, make sure Licensed Music is on (off by default, not that there's much of it on Switch). MORE IMPORTANTLY: Change "Pop-Up Score Value" from 1,000 to 1,000,000 Change "Major Pop-Up Score Value" from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 This will make the tables much easier to play as all those piddly score pop-ups are very distracting and useless. It will be much more satisfying to get those rare big score pop-ups now, too. Optional: turn off "Ball Trails" mute annoying Voice Overs or Music. The Voice Overs on some tables are very obnoxious, you can mute them! Mute the music and enjoy your own soundtrack (Jurassic Park! Jaws! The Fallout OST!) or play pinball while listening to podcasts!


Gaming HangoutsThread The Pinball (digital and physical) ERA |OT| Full Tilt
Red Text This doesn't seem to be coming to Nintendo Switch
The Last Jedi is finally coming to Pinball FX/Zen Pinball Two tables, one based on the film in general and one based on Luke's Island. Youtube trailer: As always with Star Wars on Zen the voice ivers are sound-alikes. Not sure if the music is from the film. No Solo table, lol. No one cares about that movie. There are no Star Wars or Marvel tables on Switch and The Last Jedi doesn't change that. You'll note that there is no Switch logo in the trailer like there was for Jurassic Park Pinball. Seems that Zen's licensing agreement with Disney doesn't cover Switch.


GamingThread SNES Mini Classic Hacking | More games, more borders, more gooder.
Reason Member warned for thread derailing
Where can I buy a SNES Classic!? This is bullshit, Nintendo. Haven't seen ine online or in stores, ever. Lies!