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GamingThread STEAM: In a not so surprising move, Bandai Namco launches pre-orders for Tales Of Arise with abysmal Regional Pricing
Reason User threadbanned, further action pending review: hostility and derailing over multiple posts, previous similar infractions
Read what I wrote Is this some PC elitism stupidity I'm not aware of? Or what about assuming that people have a PC AND also other consoles and then maybe have the choice to do both of my suggested things WHICH DOESN'T EVEN EXCLUDE only being able to do one, is such a crime to be so damn rude in your reply???? Pls explain.


EtcetEraThread NBC News: Biden hopes to avoid divisive investigations of Trump, "just wants to move on" and prefers unity; Plans to not interfere with the DOJ
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): inflammatory accusations, hostility over a series of posts, previous recent ban for hostility
I just did closet Trump defender :)We'll see. I predict nothing will happen to Trump he can freely rerun in 4 years. And Democrats going to take more L's for trying more partisan approaches while Mitch is cooking up his next grift to fuck the country over. Hope I'm wrong but I've been seeing a trend in the last 12 years(and probably more). But at least the Democrats can claim when it happens that they didn't stoop low!!! That's the important thing!!!!! :D


GamingThread FF XV, does it get better/more interesting?
Reason User banned (5 days): Hostility. History of similar behavior.
Nah it's more like I actually have a proper argument and reasons for my stance. Also not sure how you come with an appeal to majority statement like some sheep when I already cited two examples of where that type of appeal is just a massive failure in critical thinking. Diablo 3 didn't meet the design goals on release stated by the designers themselves = used to be 90 MC now it's like 89? Absolute trash. The most recent example of this type of failure is red dead 2 where the entire industry just decides to not give a fuck about gameplay and mission design cause it looks so pretty and detailed. That's why most reviews especially ones with scores continue to be worthless trash. But sure bud I wonder who is denying reality the person that actually gave a reasoned answer or the person that basically ignored the whole point and tried to go "but look at this number yo".


GamingThread DF: Pokémon Sword/Shield - Switch's Next-Gen Pokémon Doesn't Quite Deliver
Reason User banned (1 day): Modwhining over a series of posts
Dunno what you're on about it's not a conspiracy there are clear examples of this bias existing. It's clear as day that Gamefreak and Pokemon gets treated by different standards compared to Bethesda, Bioware and similar. Worse things have been said about those companies and have passed as normal, while people got warned and banned for way less egregious things that is fact and that is that. It is what it is. I don't care but people should know the bias that exist and work around it. And that's all I have to say about this. In the end it's just games so it's not even worth raising a stink about compared to how moderation fucked up with how they were judging ableism.This who is truly worse game is boring. It wasn't me that brought pub G into the discussion anyway I was just pointing out a difference. In the end I still find it funny why people are just pointing to the few really bad examples that Gamefreak surpasses instead of pointing towards all the amazing examples that gamefreak falls short off. People don't even have the courage to look at a game that sold 2-3 times less and compare(Dq11) instead the bar has to be as low as fire emblem(speaking from a production value level not the actual quality of the games themselves).


GamingThread Pokemon Sword and Shield discussion thread (spoiler-free) [see staff post]
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Hostility over a series of posts in a thread. Accumulated infractions.
The complete lack of understanding of what happened is shocking. How do you actually go and ACTUALLY believe that my issue was that people had a positive opinion? Pls show me the quote. God this is actually beyond stupid. TLDR people are weirdos for getting upset that their favorite thing is criticized. That is indeed fanboy behavior. Notice how I do not go into threads and pick people just sharing their enthusiasm for the game and talking about things they're excited about? Because fuck yeah that's what discussion is for too I support that. Nah I specifically picked a post that was like "stop being so critical we all already heard this stop bringing the mood down". I cannot believe how such an OBVIOUS difference is not crystal clear. But sure buddy I was upset at people for being positive what a good takeaway displaying that the pokemon community is full of critically thinking people actually engaging with the arguments in a logical manner *eye roll* It's actually funny how perfectly this illustrates what I'm fed up with.


EtcetEraThread House Republicans storm impeachment inquiry, shut down testimony
Reason User warned: inappropriate comment
Can all republicans just get cancer pls.


GamingThread If Persona 5 never comes to Switch, why do you think Joker was chosen over more famous characters like Tracer, 2B etc?
Reason User Warned - Hostility to fellow members
Lol most disingenious thing ever. P5 will be in Smash + the leaks have been on point so far. But sure I guess defend your right to cry like babies about P5 NEVER being on switch. I'm going to laugh at this like I did laugh about all the dumbasses whining about dq11 in a couple months. Switch stans have been one of the most insufferable group of posters on this side for sure.


GamingThread Granblue Fantasy Relink 14 minutes gameplay video (release window changed to TBA)
Reason User banned (48 hours): Personal attacks and uncalled-for hostility towards other members.
Are you drugs? You're not really responding to anything just writing random garbage beside the point. Maybe next time just don't quote anyone if you have no intention to engage and just want to barf out your 2 cents? Like what you're on about here? Whether it looks good or not has nothing AT ALL to do you responding to someone being worried about the displayed linearity with "you're downplaying a great game". For fucks sake you haven't even played it yet but you're so sure of your assessment in this way. Saying it's all an opinion does nothing to answer for your original garbage response that just tries to deflect negativity. All I'm saying fanboys have some modicum amount of critical thinking. After coming off the red dead II threads stuff like this just disgusts me because it legit fucks up any and all decent discussion that can be had if people just to ease their fragile egos throw in unrelated garbage and don't engage with what is said. Don't be a zombie you can take someone sharing their personal worries about a title that isn't even out yet and might dissolve with later showing. You don't need to make this insanely garbage nonengaging 0 substance argument to deflect. Like let's be real for a moment and pretend you're engaging with the original point. Do you really think that it isn't true that what we've seen so far is very on rails? Is that really deniable?


GamingThread The controversial ArenaNet firings of Guild Wars 2 writers (READ OP)
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Spamming
Peter Fries. I'm just going to do this to every post coming in not engaging with anything that was said and pretending how their hottake of this being so justified cause "both sides or similar". Cause that's the level of answers that are deserved. At mods: I'm totally fine getting a temp for this.