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GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason User warned: concern trolling and extreme mansplaining
1. IMO it's distasteful to insult designers and call their designs "trash" multiple times in a single post, no matter how much you hate them. Criticisms and insults are two different things, and I think your post was leaning to the latter. 2. Your title is misleading. Nowhere do I find why women criticized sexualised character designs. It should be titled "Why I criticized sexualised character designs", simply of the fact that you were not speaking for other women besides yourself, nor you providing any statistics to back up your claims(how many women would insult the designers the way you did? for example). 3. Are you implying that men don't criticized sexualised character designs as much as women do with a thread like this? Is there any reason and what's your intention to minimize men with your thread? 4. Quiet and Cindy and Mario and Kratos, etc. are game/fantasy characters, so asking for them to be treated like real people is baffling. FYI Snake and Raiden were running around naked in their games too(not just Quiet), and none of the characters in FFXV were wearing appropriate clothings for combat(not just Cindy). So do you see what's wrong? You are asking for fantasy games to be realistic and you are fighting for the rights of game characters. 5. Quiet and Cindy are side characters who are barely in their respective games. Did you really let that stop you from enjoying the games? Seriously? I just hope that people can play games the way they are meant to be played and try to enjoy them as much as they can, and know the differences between games and reality. Do you not understand that while you are protecting the rights of game characters you are actively insulting real life people(game developers)? Do you really think that you are accomplishing anything here in a gaming forum? Personally how I would fight for women's right in real life: Vote, donate, protest on the streets, educate, get involved, and behave as a decent human being in the real world. Insulting game developers in a gaming forum is just not my thing personally, that's all.