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Grzi's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Hoyoverse (they make Genshin Impact) launches teaser site for new game, Zenless Zone Zero, reveal May 13th
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Sinophobia
As usual, Mihoyo delivers lackluster and uninspired character designs. One of the worst things about Genshin is that the character look like they were designed by a 13-year old with a DeviantArt account whose media consumption consists solely of JRPGs and nothing else. This looks about the same. Super generic, they should really hire some experienced character designers from Japan or even South Korea, because this stuff looks really cheap. Or simply try to find good character designers in China, I'm not too familiar with games from China besides Genshin, so I'm not sure if there are good char designers there.


GamingThread Final Fantasy VII Remake - Review Thread (MetaCritic: 87, 64 reviews | OpenCritic: 87)
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Trolling
A 6/10 for a game like this literally screams "I want clicks so I wrote a review that will cause some controversy, come on, give it a read". It was to be expected but still, you hate to see it.