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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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EtcetEraThread ContraPoints | Canceling
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Concern trolling. Dismissing concerns of non-binary erasure over multiple posts.
Regardless of how you may feel about Natalie or some of the things people may have found hurtful it is undeniable that a lot of work was put into addressing said criticism and the impact of it both on communities and individuals. Often enough, when other people do, or say, hurtful things then try to quickly apologize for doing them they are criticized for not being sincere enough or for not understanding what they should be sorry about, and yet some people here are dismissing her video specifically because she tries to understand and go through most facets of the criticism she is facing. While she does not, in fact, apologize for most of the things she has done, I think she makes a decent case for why said apologies may not be entirely necessary, in some cases, or why the reaction to those offences may be overblown, at least in her view. The video is about Canceling and it both tackles specific examples of how communities operate and both the impact it has on the individuals on the receiving end of it. It doesn't look away from her own mistakes, it looks at them straight on and it doesn't look away from some of the effects of being "canceled" and shows some of the inherent effects of it. She opened a lot of windows to the uncomfortable reality of being attacked by a mass group of people and pointed out the dangers that people, in similar situations to hers, are exposed to. It's painful and hurtful both to her and those around her. That doesn't dismiss or excuse whatever mistakes she may have done or whatever hurtful thing she may have said, but the type of reaction and, in my opinion, vitriolic abuse she has been exposed to isn't something we should endorse. I defend social justice, but the tools of social justice are often anti-social and unjust, because they try to divide and isolate individuals and, because they shift the power dynamic of an individual with some degree of influence to a barrage of hundreds or thousands of messages built to try to ruin an individual's career. While I support criticism of individuals who may have made mistakes, I don't support those tools. Just as we expect public figures to take responsibility for their words and be mindful of their power to influence others, I think we should also understand the dangers of mobbing an individual and the effect that may have on their lives and the lives around them so we can use social media more responsibly and as a tool, rather than a bludgeoning instrument.


GamingThread Dan and Carrie Floyd are leaving Extra Credits [UPDATE: Sexual harrassment claims]
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Downplaying the activity and commentary of a hate movement
TB's name was dragged left and right during GamerGate and he got branded and his image was misused in all sorts of manner. I don't hold him accountable for things he had little-to-no control over. What little he actually said about GG was reasonable and if you want to discuss his involvement in GG then at least discuss the things he actually said or did, not the things that he didn't and had no control over. This has been proven to be true often enough to raise questions, I definitely agree with you there, but at the same time I wonder and ask you. How is a man who supports these feminist movements be able to express his support or concerns without falling under excessive scrutiny? Although I consider myself a supporter for feminism or LGBTQ movements I also find that it's hard to speak in defence of them without falling under the same scrutiny as the people who are vehemently opposed to them. Perhaps it's just poor wording on my part, or lack of tact, but it is something that concerns me.