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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread It feels like it's getting harder to discuss thing calmly in the gaming community
Reason User banned (1 week): inflammatory community generalizations
The problem with Era specifically is that in an attempt to prove how woke they are, people often argue against points you never even brought up. They want an argument, not a discussion. More than once I’ve posted something and gotten a reply from someone arguing against shit I never even said because rather than engaging in an actual discussion, people on here just want to argue and prove how right they are and how wrong you are if you don’t share every single one of their beliefs. I always have and still do believe that I’m an extremely liberal and left leaning person but honestly this site just exhausts me and embarrasses me sometimes. It’s full of hypocrites who just want any excuse to “cancel” another human being who doesn’t live up to the impossibly perfect standards they’ve set. I’ve really grown to dislike this site over time. People here rag on NeoGaf, and while I’d never post there again, at least there simply having an opinion isn’t enough to get you banned. The moderation here is terrible, you can catch a ban for simply not being liberal enough, and as a liberal, that’s some bullshit. You’re not liberal at all if you feel the need to ban and exile everyone who shares an opinion you don’t agree with.