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EtcetEraThread Two women have come forward, on the record, to corroborate Tara Reade's claims about her treatment by Joe Biden
Reason User banned (duration pending): Dismissing allegations/concerns of sexual assault, history of similar behavior.
How can we ever address sexual assault as a problem if it gets used as a political football, though? A top-down approach to exposing scandal, at the tail ends of grassrooting, just seems like a recipe to inject chaos, to the detriment of justice. If this kind of behavior is so widespread that chances are any candidate who gets nominated will be guilty of it, At the very least, I would like us to have a dialogue where, I guess I would like to say, the flow of information is minimized; That is, I would like us to strive for as perfect and uniform information as early as possible, so that the complete election process can play out with as thorough and as equivalent an understanding. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would like to believe in the goodness of people, think that this is a case of a sunk cost dilemma, where, hypothetically, this information, had it been revealed any time between 2016 and mid 2019, would have resulted in the optimal outcome of millions of people and hundreds of insiders collectively saying "This is not okay, and your political careers is now dead." and we could have established more precedent that we are better than that, and moved past tolerating this kind of behavior. It shouldn't be that way, but that's psychology in action. Either way, the fact that the choice is being revealed as being between two people with either corroborated or confirmed cases of rape does nothing good for the trajectory of how sexual assault is perceived. You can't wait until the moment before an election to make character an issue, because then you end up retroactively making it seem unimportant to the preceding steps in the ascension of power. Worst case scenario to me is that this information gets revealed by the start of the primary and still makes no difference, that people still flock around Biden when there are tons of alternatives in the field to choose from, but at least we'd know just how much work needs to be done in the public conscience. Now, it's that much harder to send a message that sexual assault is not okay. Like... I just don't understand why this information didn't come out until 2-3 weeks after super tuesday, and days after michigan all but confirmed biden as the nominee. This keeps on happening, with Trump, with Moore, with Biden, and it's all information that could have been easier to act on, and maybe would have been acted upon, if it had been revealed sooner. None of this is to say that anger should be directed at victims, but I think the timing of these revelations can end up hurting the cause because it moves the posts back via sunk cost fallacy. More than nominees, we need candidates running for nomination to be exposed, due to how our elections and campaign seasons are set up. But then again, maybe we'd just end up with Amy Klobuchar in the white house with an abusive relationship with her entire staff. I don't know, and that's what's frustrating - I know it's a problem, I know the timing matters, and I know that it shouldn't be a problem, and that timing shouldn't matter, and we continue to put it off. This isn't right.


EtcetEraThread On Voting or Not Voting for Biden in Light of the Sexual Assault Allegations |OT| Discussion Guidelines in OP
Reason User banned (5 days): inflammatory point of comparison
I don't want four more years of neonazis No joke: I'd vote for Robert Mugabe over Trump. At least he had a sense of community, that there were people worth living for, and fighting for ,and even dying for. And Mugabe was a monster.


GamingThread SFV pro player Gllty accused of sexual assault
Reason User Banned (duration pending): Dismissing allegations / concerns of sexual assault, history of similar behavior
Floe was in a red mobility scooter at Evo. I would think it would be hard to miss a fat white guy in a red scooter taking a tiny asian chick out of the casino. Look, I have never met Floe in person, but I've been watching him stream, and yes, subbing to his twitch, for years now. He's a sensitive guy. When someone comes in and shits on his stream, or complains about what he's doing, it definitely hurts him - He'll be in a sad/depressed mood for like, 45 minutes. Those of you acting like lawyering up is an admission of guilt (Lopez): Fucking shame on you. These are VERY serious allegations to be making against someone, especially someone whose livelihood depends on individual contributions from others. I'll eat my words if I'm wrong, but I'm absolutely certain the man is innocent.


GamingThread It's not looking good for male same sex romantic supports in FE: Three Houses, and that's not acceptable. (Support Spoilers)
Reason User Warned: off-topic derailing.
We gonna talk about how two of the 3 most well known GLBTQ capcom characters are a succubus and a, quote, "cross-dressing freak" modelled after Norman Bates?


EtcetEraThread Congressman and DNC deputy chair Keith Ellison accused of domestic violence
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Downplaying concerns of sexual assault, conspiracy theory
This whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I was born in March 1988 and grew up in Golden Valley, an inner ring suburb about 3-5 miles west of downtown Minneapolis. So, Keith Ellison and Al Franken were two of the first few politicians I supported. I acknowledge that confirmation bias is going to cloud my judgment. Still, these claims all seem to be missing something Nevertheless, let's recap what has happened. Allegations of sexual assault by Al Franken were teased by GOP political strategists during the roy moore scandal (a timely coincidence). Then, days later, a conservative pundit came out and said that Al Franken sexually assaulted and groped her on a tour for the troops in the middle east. She released evidence which didn't show him groping her, but which did show him making a completely tasteless groping gesture, without physical contact, while they were in a plane, that certainly could constitute as sexual harassment, but not assault. She also claimed that he forced himself on her, then clarified that he was insistent on practicing a kissing scene they were going to perform on stage for a comedy sketch, that she consented to the practice kiss after initially not wanting to do it. Shift to present. Al says that he does not rememberthr rehearsal that way, but that he apologizes for any conduct that made her uncomfortable, and that his hover hands photo was disgusting, inappropriate, and that he had no excuses for his behavior but to apologize. She accepted his apology as sincere and said no further investigations or actions were needed. Now, I went back and watched the footage of the tour to see what the atmosphere was like, and it was VERY raunchy. Performers, including the accuser, grinding each other on stage. Sex jokes everywhere. Sketches with exaggerated physical intimacy played for comedy and entertainment. I could very easily see how people accustomed to physical theater and performing in front of a crowd could accidentally make more grounded media personalities, like panelists, a bit uncomfortable with their sketches and physical conduct in the event of poor communication. That seems to be what happened. Then, 5 more accusers came out in rapid fire succession. Three were anonymous. One was by a woman who posted a photo of her with Al at the State Fair, and claimed that he groped her ass in public at his booth. Knowing how many eyes would have been present and focused on them, I find the claim possible, but not likely, and probably not intentional (I had some photos myself in college where hands meant for waists accidentally touched buttocks, both as toucher and touchee. Apologies and laughs followed. I imagine that could happen more than a few times for someone interacting with as many people as Franken). The third person was, yet another, conservative media personality. She claimed Al stalked her and sexually harassed her. All he did was call her to continue an argument/discussion that had to be cut short due to time constraints on a radio show. And she threatened to call the police on him if he tried to contact her again. So, 6 claims, 3 anonymous, 1 with no proof or evidence other than "Yes, I have met Al Franken," 2 by conservative media darlings (one of whom lied, the other who seems to have been pressurred into the public spotlight for a political hit). Combined with Franken's track record and the testimony of his contemporaries, seems like Franken is, at worst, someone who has personal space issues as a result of decades of raunchy antics done in a professional capacity alongside people who are unusually comfortable in their skin, rather than a sexual predator. He was still forced out, while fighting for a good cause, and approaching everything with grace. Now Ellison is being accused of assault with "evidence" that either shows nothing or doesn't exist.


EtcetEraThread U.S. violates JCPOA; Trump withdraws from Iran nuclear deal & reimposes economic sanctions (UPDATE)
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Advocating targeted violence.
The only thing that would work on republicans is mass targeted violence against them and their families. I'm convinced that fear for their physical well being is the only thing that would get through to them. That's how far their higher order thinking has deteriorated. That's how little they care. Protest? They dismiss it all as fake. They are evil. I call my GOP rep every week. Not once have I gotten a sincere response that addressedthe points I raised, no matter how firmly I present and limit the topic of discussion. And they've been this way for as long as I can remember, in my 30 years on this earth. They don't care. They never have