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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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GamingThread A.B.I.torial 14: Injustice 2's Animation ALSO SUCKS
Reason User Warned: Personal Attacks
Nah, I am not interested arguing with brick wall any longer. I have said what I wanted, and you might continue on your marry useless ways.Nah, it would be a much better place for you, since you love shilling yourself. Also, need I remind how you was OK with Capcom rootkit thing? I am pretty sure, it's much worse than any animations.


EtcetEraThread Prostitution should it be legal in America?
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Aggressive behavior, condescension and personal attacks. History of similar behavior.
Cool. Now imagine that not all people see themselves as objects to be fucked by others. Simple thought, isn't it? Are you really so limited, that you can't figure out that most people are not like that? Especially, since it promotes objectification of women? Once more, it has nothing to do with being sex negative, stop this false equivalency!! I am all for people enjoing sex, but not when it's done at the cost of respect and autonomy of people, who are already by society like second class citizens. What is this bullshit about gilded cage? You seriously think that women treated totally equal to men in the modern world? You totally think that when men see women being sold like products for their entertainment it doesn't hurt them? It's not about limiting anyone's rights. It's about stopping systematic abuse of 50% of population. If you can't buy it, maybe you should get a bigger bank account. In the perfectly equal society it wouldn't be a problem. In modern society it is. And no, selling your body for sex is not empowering. Well, not everyone can be so "woke" to sell their bodies to strangers and consider it to be a pinnacle of freedom and empowering. Especially, when they don't have a choice. Their own? Are you sure? It's the same trash argument like these about women who wear burqas out of their own choice. It's not so much a choice, but influence of the male-dominated society which tells women that selling one's body is a nice way to get money. Which obviously serves men and not women. Yes, why we should care about people who rules this planet more, rather than people who suffer from it? You sound like a typical wannabe-woke mysgonyst, my dear. You have issues. And no, I don't have misgivings about sex. I have basic respect and understanding. Which you are lacking.[/QUOTE] Then it's very much understandable why are you protecting prostitution. I hope your mother is proud of you. I am sorry that your reading comprehension is at the negative numbers. Are you really so limited that you don't see that people who like it in obvious minority? Selling one's body for pleasure of complete is stranger is completely different from any other job. Also, you have justified human trafficking. You an exemplary of modern internet woke person. On the other hand what can I expect form the place mostly populated by men? Understanding? Empathy? When it comes to women? Hahaha. No. Of course not. You like women as prostitutes because you use them. And obviously you will be against this. Since the rise of feminism people, like you were feeling that you are losing power. So, instead of just shutting down feminism, you have decided to "infect" it, recreate it to serve the male population. And all this rhetoric about "females freedom and empowerment" through prostitution and porn, is essentially an example of that. Make women believe, that by serving men they are more powerful and protect their own freedoms. We see what you are doing here. And you will never win.


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason User Banned (6 weeks): Making personal attacks even after receiving multiple warnings and bans for that same reason. Ban extended after review.
I nowhere had said that "rape is fine". If you have read it like this, you need to step away from your kool-aid and check your stupid useless head. I said there is difference, between "rape" and "bad flirting", which is true. I deeply detest any form of violence against women, including rape and harassment. At the same time, I think there is a fine line, between, accusing people and automatically assume "guilty until proven innocent". That is all. With that said, I am out. I am not good enough to join your club, where your masturbate each other egos. Have fun, but know that your whining won't change the world one bit. Get a healthy dose of reality, college drop-outs.


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason User's previous 3-day ban was extended to 1 week for this post for: Repeated rude, dismissive and bad faith arguing.
One single character design could not, even theoretically, put me off from playing the game. It would be petty on my part and I have never understood when people do that, because, it's one design out of many and game consists out of many things, like gameplay, music, other designs, e.t.c. Being turned off the whole package by just one single aspect is senseless and illogical to me. For example: I really disliked a lot of designs in MK9 - most of the female designs in this game were tasteless and boring (especially Mileena, who was one of my favorite characters in the past) and she, alongside Kitana was heavily shafted both in costume and story departments. Nevertheless, I am really big fan of the series and I really loved the gameplay. It's possible to like the game and admit that there are some problems with it, be it designs or gameplay. On the other hand, there is MGSV. Despite my big love for the series and the fact that MGS2 has one of the biggest influences on my outlook on what video games could be, I didn't want to play this game, due to the multiple problems, like some designs, story decisions and gameplay. So all in all, I can be turned off the game, when there are more things then one that I dislike. As for diversity - you have already said it - I'd like to see more characters of various ethnicities as long as they nicely written. Often I see people saying characters and going "good enough / at least it's something", i can understand it, but it doesn't really sit well with me, because, "token" character doesn't really feel genuine. Of course, it is case by case thing. There is no such thing as "sacrosanct" games. Everything can be criticized as long as criticism makes sense and not goes into realm of personal taste. If you lost friends because of such stupid shit, it is your problem, not theirs. Zealousy is never good. As this thread proves. Someone in this thread said, that, when people address problematic stuff, some people take it as if ti was personal insult. I see a great irony, that you take my criticism of some people as a personal slight. "Vaguely antagonistic"...What is this? You can't even figure out what I was trying to say, but you still say that I did something bad. OK. "Rude, dismissive, hostile". So many buzzwords. So little meaning. It's like you have a dictionary, which you apply, whenever, possible, with zero understanding and contexts.


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason 1 Day Ban: A series of rude replies and bad-faith argumentation.
I should have worded my point differently - I think this opinion, that RE is somehow , and the rest of the Internet is worse - somewhat hilarious. Though for some people glass is always half-empty. Apparently some people don't understand how to make characters expressive via art style and see it as bunch of evil words for the sake of nerds. Oh well. Nope, got it first time, just wanted to clarify. Sorry, I am not specialist on fictional women. Goodspeed to you in this uneasy study. Should I send you a hand cream?


EtcetEraThread French actress Catherine Deneuve slams post-Weinstein witch-hunt as attack on sexual freedom
Reason This poster is banned for this post (3 days): Disingenuous and sexist argument that deprioritizes victims of rape culture
Media paints all accused as "definitely guilty". And due to today culture of the "buzzwords", even if accused person issues statement it is usually is lost in the media buzz and everyone only remember, that person was accused and nothing about what was following it. There is difference, between rape and clumsy flirting, which often being painted as one and the same.