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GamingThread With this generation finally in its last lap looking back isn't it nuts how few games Microsoft had?
Reason User Warned: Post Count Shaming
I need to start doing that lol. If I had looked at his account creation history, I wouldn’t have wasted my time trying to explain things to him.


GamingThread Microsoft And Xbox Are Holding The Golden Key To The Future Of Gaming [Forbes]
Reason User warned: Disparaging games journalists
Forbes guys sounding like MS PR these days, this reminds me of 2012/2013 articles from back in the day. What’s up with the American gaming media? Anyways not denying the value in GP but I feel articles like this are hyperbolic and premature. I dunno why everyone is so eager for streaming to be the future of gaming and replacement for console gaming. You’d think the complete failure of Stadia would make people more cautious about declaring streaming as the future so soon.