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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread Final Fantasy VII Remake - Review Thread (MetaCritic: 87, 64 reviews | OpenCritic: 87)
Reason User banned (3 days): ignoring staff post
These metacritic score should automatically ignore scores past 3-4 standard deviations. It would mostly drive score higher (which isn't a bad thing per se), but would disincentive clickbait reviews.


GamingThread Sony advertising RDR2 as "Play it in 4K"
Reason User Warned - Ignoring Mod Post & System Warring
I'm sure OP was OUTRAGED when games ran at 720p / 900p on the OG X1 and it was advertised as 1080p. RDR2 runs better on X1X, that's undisputed. However, this is the Battle of Bautzen of this console generation, the last victory of the losing side. It won't change anything, and people that play the game on their PS4/Pro will enjoy it just as much as people on the 1X.


GamingThread LTTP: Horizon: Zero Dawn is just boring and repetitive
Reason User warned: Thread-whining, dismissing a fellow user's contribution due to their interests.
Without fail, whenever there's a gratuitous attack on popular PS4 games and you hit "find content by member" in the profile, it's pages and pages of posts in Switch threads. I just don't get the need to attack other popular games, I thought W3 fans were intense in the 1-2 years after it released, but it's nothing compared to Switch fans.