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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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EtcetEra HangoutsThread One Piece |OTX| X Marks the Spot
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Transphobic rhetoric, prior severe ban
You know what, I can't for the life of me care about yamato A Bowsette larping as Oden as a substitute for a personality is just not a compelling character to me, and that they get boosted by having friends in high places like Ace doesn't make me less unimpressed I'm still waiting for when the naruto-tier parallels are dropped (considering One Piece is usually better written than that) and grows an actual character instead of being a borrowed identity


GamingThread Tanabe: [Paper Mario] It’s no longer possible to modify Mario characters or to create original characters that touch on the Mario universe
Reason User warned: hostility
You think we aren't talking about that, ? Basically the soul vs soulless meme but unironically


EtcetEraThread Military uprising taking place in Venezuela (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Inflammatory generalisations and dismissive commentary over a series of posts
You mean upper class (and most likely white) Venezuelans that could afford an education to speak English and posting on this board? I'd like to hear what those below that threshold want too


EtcetEraThread 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary | OT | Kamala Harris comes out in support of decriminalizing sex work
Reason User Warned: Inflammatory commentary
"we weren't there" is not enough when some here are deepthroating the boot by fully endorsing that policy anyway. Similarly nobody living today was there during slavery, but still we talk about reparation because the damage to the descendants (and the benefits for the descendants of the oppressors) are still there today.Because: 1) Our ruling class is entirely complicit in your imperialism 2) Even while we have the "legal" right to kick you out if we were to you'd do anything in your power to crush us back under your boot, even military invasion.The British Empire, another world-wide oppressor, what a positive example.


EtcetEraThread Senator Dianne Feinstein is taped being snide to children asking about the Green New Deal
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Antagonizing other members, generalizations, previous infractions
BootlickERA is on fire this time


EtcetEraThread Israel's Bibi is far-right scum using nationalism to justify genocide - Lets talk about this
Reason User Warned: Stop with the thread derails
Some would argue that McCain did too


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason This user was banned for 1 month for this post. We're not going to entertain discussion or defense of content sexualizing under aged children, whether real or fictional.
Let me rephrase then: why it be illegal? Child pornography is wrong not because it pleases pedophiles but because children are actually stripped naked and made to pose for a shot or even worse effectively forced in sexual intercourse. Drawings and CG do not have this so the fact that such productions are "creepy" can't be a reason to prohibit them as there is nobody hurt or exploited by this. While I still find such content particularly fucked up and I'm not interested in little girls still doesn't sit right with me to criminalize any victimless behaviour