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Gaming HangoutsThread Apex Legends |OT3| Season 9 Legacy: Bringing A Bow To A Gun Fight
Reason User Warned: Lazy Dev Rhetoric
Only a few weeks left in the season and dropping from the jump ship is still bugged and suffers from random losses of speed. Wonder what they’ll break next season? You won’t be able to pick up loot from a bin (oh wait, that was a few seasons back when that was broken and sometimes you wouldn’t pick stuff up if you tried too quick)? On top of that and my complaint last week about the massive increase in having no or one teammate, this season has black and white story pages and a barebones, lackluster town takeover (drain the gas, grab the loot)... I though the whole “working from home” thing actually involved “working?”


GamingThread Overwatch's new Mei skin draws criticism for cultural appropiation
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Concern trolling with regards to cultural appropriation
Would it not be a concern that gatekeeping cornrows (or other traditional black hairstyles) when people are already discriminated against having them yourself and prevented from wearing them could lead to the erasure of the hairstyles altogether? If no one is allowed to wear them that isn’t black, but black men and women are also prevented/discouraged from wearing them themselves, will eventually no one be able to wear them and they will eventually be forgotten?