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"We're getting heavily played."

Dynamite Cop's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Ooblets will be exclusive to Epic Games Store on PC
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Trolling and Antagonizing Other Users Over Multiple Posts in this Thread; Numerous Prior Infractions Including Severe Bans For Bigotry
White privilege often comes with attitude. The defenders aren't unlike the devs.


GamingThread Partnered Twitch Streamer Alinity chucks cat over her head mid-Apex match, also spits vodka into her cat's mouth
Reason User banned (3 days): Downplaying animal abuse.
My roommate's cats jump off of higher ledges.. also out of people's arms when they try to pick them up. It's the alcohol that's actually bad for the cat.. you can see it retching just from a little taste. This streamer's dumbass behavior is being enabled via donations from thirsty guys in their dark bedrooms.


EtcetEraThread What does "weeaboo" (weeb) mean to you?
Reason User banned (duration pending) - hostility, personal attacks, long history of infractions
I've worked at Japanese and Chinese companies before and your type are so obvious. Your response tells me you can already feel that your novelty of being a white guy is fading lol good luck~


EtcetEraThread Bay Area Housing - Two cats rent San Jose studio for $1500/mo
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Xenophobic rhetoric; history of inflammatory generalizations surrounding race and nationality
Everything about that story is gross. I used to live in San Jose(which I loved) but got too expensive and had to move east to shitty Fremont, land of rich Indians and Asians driving Teslas and Mercedes Benz to their $2 million dollar homes in the ghetto.


GamingThread Fortnite streamer DrDeadMoth physically abuses SO on live stream (UP: Charged)
Reason User Banned (duration pending): Mocking sympathy for abuse victim and advocating violence
So many emotional posts in here lol I can imagine the furious typing. “TO HELL with him!!!” Hope he spends some time locked up. Enough to get roughed up. Also doesn’t deserve his family.


GamingThread PlayStation Classic impressions: "bare-bones experience", mediocre emulation
Reason User banned (3 days): platform warring
I don’t see why games cant be removed as with the Nintendo Minis. I had no problem doing that. A lot of folks here have their lips so firmly planted on Nintendo’s ass, they probably had no intention of removing them to get a PS1 Classic in the first place.


GamingThread Blackbird (Switch) has released on the Nintendo eShop, but does anyone know it exists?
Red Text Mod Edit: This thread title has been updated for clarity.
Switch owners have been clamoring for ports and exclusives since the platform's launch. Publishers and developers have heard you. Especially indie developers. There have been numerous ports of indie games released on Nintendo's eShop. Not many people know about them, though, due to the store's layout and lack of news and promotion on Nintendo's end. October 18th was the release date for Onion Games'/'s (Million Onion Hotel, Dandy Dungeon, Chulip, No More Heroes) Switch console exclusive game . It features art from Kazuyuki Kurashima (Live A Live, Super Mario RPG, moon) and can be best described as an updated and weird take on Fantasy Zone. Sounds like good talent behind this game would generate some interest and buzz about this game? Not really. Even though the game is fun and has a super interesting style, it's sort of lumped in with every other game that has released within the past week or two. The game is $19.99 on Switch's eShop and is scheduled to release on Steam by the end of October. Kimura is another creative Japanese game dev that has turned to independent game projects the past few years. I mean, if you liked Katamari Damacy and Keita Takashi's(another awesome dev that has gone indie) other offbeat games, you'll appreciate the what Blackbird has to offer.


EtcetEraThread CBS CEO Leslie Moonves Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Reason User Warned: Inflammatory stereotypes
She was pressured to undergo plastic surgery to become a reporter. So, uh, can’t say I feel sorry for yet another Asian female buckling under pressure to please a rich white guy.


EtcetEraThread Jack Ryan premieres tomorrow on Prime
Reason User Banned (2 days): Thread derailment; history of infractions
Reminder that John Krasinksi and his wife Emily Blunt are Hollywood’s latest conservative anglo darlings. John being in movies about Benghazi, now conservative Tom Clancy shit. Emily Blunt being in Dinsey(now owned by Fox, already had ties with hardcore republicans) movies and anti Mexico movies like Sicario. Don’t be mad, I say the same shit every time Scientologist Michael Pena is in a movie.


GamingThread IGN: How Octopath Traveler Became Such A Big Hit
Reason User Warned: Console War post.
For me, it’s because everything else is a port of 2 year old indie games. Oh, and it reminds me of SaGa. I bought the Switch for exclusives, not lazy ports brought on by the annoying, begging userbase.


GamingThread Agree or Disagree: Adding huge beards to male characters makes them more juicy
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Inflammatory generalization, body-shaming
Disagree. Beards are ugly and dirty looking. Guys with them tend to be assholes, especially if they’re balding or already bald on their head.