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GamingThread Bloomberg: CD Projekt management to receive $4 to $6 million in bonuses from Cyberpunk's shoddy launch, staff between $5k to $20k
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Whataboutism over Multiple Posts; Antagonizing Fellow Member; History of Hostility
What awareness was created? You weren’t aware the executives at a company would get millions in bonuses while the employees took home thousands? None of this is first time shit. The only reason Jason is reporting on this is because it is CDPR. If he really wanted to make an impact he could report on this industry wide and show good examples along with bad examples of pay gaps within the industry. There’s plenty of easy data to gather out there.


GamingThread 3DRealms announces Graven, an action adventure FPS and spiritual successor to Hexen II (Coming to All Platforms)
Reason User banned (2 weeks): Excessive hostility against other members, continuing thread derail, ignoring moderation warning. Posters can raise concerns without attacking other members.
If you are coming into this thread posting “this looks cool” and choosing to ignore that 3D Realms is a fucking trash fire of a company because you “like Hexen”, you are a shitty human being. If you choose to buy the game because you “like Hexen” and want to ignore where your money is going, then you are a shitty human being.


GamingThread 3DRealms announces Graven an action adventure FPS and spiritual successor to Hexen II (Coming to All Platforms)
Reason User Warned: Antagonizing other members
Dark1X claiming to be ignorant and apologizing for propping up 3DR in the DF Ion Fury thread is now out there supporting 3DR again. No more benefit of the doubt from me. Choosing to sweep shitty behavior under the rug because you like retro shooters is not okay.