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GamingThread The Last of Us Part II - Spoiler Thread
Reason User banned (2 weeks): inflammatory point of comparison
I watched a video of an IDF (Israel Defense Force) soldier bashing a child's head in with a rock then shooting his corpse. I also saw another video of an IDF soldier shooting a fluorescently-vested (made to indicate that they are not to be shot at) Canadian medic through a chain-link fence. I think you need to open your eyes to the cruelty of the world we live in. You are sheltered if you think this kind of violence is something humans aren't capable of and aren't doing on a daily basis. Overdosing people on LSD to control their minds ala the Russian brainwashing project. Public decapitations and stoning. Chemical weapons used recently in Syria that burns your soft tissue inside and out. Its cruel, but humans have created these atrocities and so we have to face them. Shying away and hiding these potential actions is a disservice. It is more likely that by showing the violence and saying it is wrong that we can prevent future violence as opposed to censoring ourselves from our ancestors' and fellow humans' actions.