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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

Dr.Ifto's Actioned Posts



GamingThread [VGC] The former lead designer of Kena: Bridge of Spirits claims he was ‘maliciously forced out’
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks) - Hostility towards members & dismissing concerns about workplace abuse
Most likely the guy was let go for other reasons but just wants to drum shit up cause he doesn't get the respect he wants. dude is probably an asshole in real life. Not everyone let go for unknown reasons is a saint. In all seriousness, As a developer, never do anything for free. Also, you are not entitled to anything you developed working for a company. They own it, you do not. You are not entitled to anything. This is why we need unions.


GamingThread J.K Rowling is killing Trans kids: Hogwarts Legacy.
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Thread whining in a sensitive topic and backseat moderation
How many threads do we need on this? Can we just have a master JK/HP thread somewhere? I understand the issues, but it seems every day there is a new thread.


GamingThread Using "boys" to speak to everyone really needs to stop, and this is why.
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Antagonizing other members; account still in junior phase
Of all the crisis to worry about right now, is this the hill you want to die on? I rarely if ever see it anywhere.