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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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GamingThread Phil Spencer confirms Xbox August event in interview(?), “really impressed” by backward compatible game frame rates
Reason User Warned - Driveby
Buy our new console, you can play your old games with an old controller on it, it is amazing!


GamingThread The Division 2: Warlords Of New York |OT| Gear 2.0 Of War
Reason User banned (2 weeks): Trolling; Prior Bans for Trolling
this won´t be anywhere near Forsaken, people moved on already.that is good, this game doesn´t deserve a second chance, they blew it completely with a rushed sequel which was not thought out at all and now they want even more money for this turd of a game.


GamingThread No Man's Sky |OT| 2.0 Infinity & Beyond
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Trolling; Prior Bans for Trolling
reading a NMS thread is always good entertainment, it is more entertaining than the game itself. seems like my prediction of introducing 100 new bugs seems to hold true so far. and the people hoping for "a patch or two": lets be real, this game will never be completely rockstable, it never was. they just kept on building on a more than shaky foundation. there will be many patches again that do next to nothing, people getting hopes up, putting in another dozens of hours waiting for a change before abandoning the game-the classic NMS cycle funny how they are making big money every summer with a new free update to drive sales of a technically incompetent software. even funnier are the people putting up with all these problems and acting like it is normal.


GamingThread Etika Nintendo Gamer Youtuber Just made an apology video that seems to be very suicidal
Reason User banned (1 month): Making light of mental health and threats of suicide
who is this guy? why giving him attention? and i don´t know if it is so good to put "suicidal" in the headline, could gather attention from people with mental health problems and who are themselves suicidal and there is no support link on here for people with such thoughts.


GamingThread DOAX:VV sets a new low on Sexualization of women including minors (NSFW)
Reason User banned (3 days): Inflammatory generalisation
Japan has definitely a few questionable fetishes that are unique to their culture and society, fair representation or not. I don´t know any other country with an more or less open "schoolgirl/lolita" fetish which is downright celebrated as seen with maid cafes and even more questionable shops.


GamingThread Octopath Traveler making waves on Amazon. Why?
Reason User banned (2 days) for concern trolling and console warring
must be hard if someone giving you "cancer" (what an incredibly stupid analogy btw) with something that is just his opinion. and no, i doesn´t meant that people are returning it because pixel retro game...they will play it for 10-15 hours and lose interest. Monitor ebay after release and see for yourself, there will be used copies en masse because many will notice that they don´t want to play through such a game for 60-80hours. Pity that there aren´t official achievements on the Switch, if there were everyone could see the percentage of people actually playing through the whole game... how many will buy the game because they are really interested? how many will finish the game? in the end it is all just an assumption... there you have it. exactly what i have you guys think he is alone with this opinion? really shortsighted to say: "yeah, everyone is highly interested in the title, that´s why this is selling so good!" there are people buying this that normally wouldn´t touch the genre with a ten foot pole...hint: it is not because they discovered their ultimate interest in retro pixel Jrpgs


Gaming HangoutsThread Destiny 2: Warmind |OT| Mars Attacks!
Reason User Warned: Thread whining / Thread derailing.
why have people thought this time it will be better? For real, this game is done, the damage is done since release, it is a shadow of its former self...can´t understand the many times people still flock on this game, just drop it already, there is enough stuff to play for everyone...the game is completely obsolete at this point


GamingThread EDGE #319 Review Scores
Reason Member has been warned: attempt to discredit outlet. Console warring.
Red Text Mod edit: Please don't use the edit function to remove context from a warning/ban.
they are drinking the Nintendo kool aid... for me Zelda was an solid 8 and GOW is a 10 don´t even know why they are giving scores or for who these scores are, it´s certainly not given on a good basis, it`s given on:"yeah, haha, let`s be extraharsh because we are the edgiest scorers out there" can`t take this seriously tbh ridiculous scoring edited: understood the warning, will not comment on review scores again...