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GamingThread CDPR tweets trash tweet about trans people AGAIN this time from GOG (Read OP)
Reason User banned (permanent): Trolling. Repeatedly pushing a variety of conspiracy theories about site staff. Extensive history of infractions.
I have a very specific example earlier in the thread of somebody saying they were going to boycott AAA games until crunch culture ends, yet tonight they've been spewing posts about RDR2 and its map for hours, including posting comparisons of the previous game's map versus the new one. So much for that boycott. If you're going to boycott and make it a talking point, then follow through. Somebody being honest about how they dislike the viewpoints of an individual but it's not going to affect their buying decision doesn't make them transphobic. It makes them honest. Because trust me, if you wanted to go down that rabbit hole, look up the NeoGAF histories of the founders of this site, yet you're here posting right now.


GamingThread IGN removes their Dead Cells Review, investigating plagiarism. (READ OP)
Reason Member banned (2 weeks): continues to derail the thread with conspiracy nonsense and misinformation. Large history of infractions.
Everyone does it, either by cookieing you with a remarketing tag (IGN, Polygon, Kotaku) or reselling your data (ResetEra, GameSpot), or both. That's how clickbait works, they're able to see exactly what your interests are and what irks you, to better target advertising and sell it as premium programmatic advertising or data lists. I'm personally a customer for a few of these sites - I can reassure you I don't actually see email addresses, it's all encrypted. But yes, its gets really granular. I'm promoting a retro gaming event and we were able to show ads only to gamers that have an interest in retro gaming, and the VoxMedia platform allows us to filter out more mainstream gamers.


EtcetEraThread Lindsay Ellis: That Time Disney Remade Beauty and the Beast
Reason User banned (1 week): Attempting to derail thread with threadwhining. History of infractions.
For me, this thread is no different to somebody posting a video arguing how Adele is a bad singer, or Game of Thrones is a bad TV show, or Mario is a bad game. Yeah okay then... surejan.gif


GamingThread Switch is killing it this Summer with games
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory point of comparison
The White House tonight said they've reunited all the caged immigrant babies and kids they're legally allowed to, in an official statement. Yet almost every press outlet disputes this. But because the horse's mouth said they have, it must be true, right? Literally embarrassed for everyone in this thread who think Nintendo wouldn't use fairly standard PR tactics.


GamingThread Joseph Gordon-Levitt is serious about HitRecords work on Beyond Good and Evil 2.
Reason User Warned: Insulting another member.
You are being the thick shit here mate. You are asking why doesn't Ubisoft ask for portfolios and commission work, which is a professional practice. I've told you they're not looking for individual artists or professionals. So stop harping on about portfolios.


GamingThread Is Sony #winning?
Reason User Warned: Creating a thread to incite console wars
- Seven-fold increase in revenue year on year. - #1 games console of the current era, with strong brand reputation for AAA single-player games and hardcore console gaming. - Market leader is mid-tier premium television sets and AV equipment, with rave reviews. - Defied all odds and have managed to make Xperia a successful phone brand with loyal following. - Thriving camera department that continues to exist. That's something. - Success at the movie box office with Jumanji revival, Spider-Man Homecoming, and critically with co-productions like Blade Runner 2049. - Television studio is still producing hits like The Crown and Better Call Saul, and dominating in Asian markets. - 12% growth for Sony Music, despite most record labels crashing around them. So is it safe to say Sony is #winning? I mean, it wasn't that long ago people were planning for its funeral...