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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

DixieDean82's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Xbox Series X: A Closer Look at the Technology Powering the Next Generation
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Platform Warring; Prior Bans for the Same
I agree. Getting whopped on power on again would be a big yikes for MS engineering team. You don't think they were aiming to be the most powerful? It would be an L whichever way they want to spin it.


GamingThread Microsoft announces plan to make the Xbox carbon neutral
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Console Wars, Trolling
They are already doing their part by not selling any consoles in Asia and huge swathes of Europe. Good on them.


Gaming HangoutsThread Giant Bomb |OT 13| I Want To Turn Into A Wolf And Shloot
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dimissing concerns surrounding bigotry, antagonizing other members
This forum can really be drama filled mess at times. 20 pages for that Greg Miller thread? Really? Some people need to save their outrage for shit that matters.


GamingThread Halo Infinite Could Adopt Games As Service Structure
Reason User Warned: console wars
I'm shocked at this news. Shocked I tell you. This was inevitable, once Microsoft first party games started selling less and less. For the most part, Sony's first party stuff sells like hot cakes, so they don't have to do this shit.