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EtcetEraThread Product Recommendations Thread (household items, accessories, electronics, etc)
Red Text happy holidaysDash Mini Waffle Maker:
Hi everyone and In light of said holidays, I thought this might be a good time to bring up useful (and excellent) products. 'Tis the season for shopping for stuff, sometimes ideas for quality (or affordable) items can be daunting to find. Anyone have recommendations? But also are YOU looking for something and hope other peeps can lend an ear? This has been my go-to gift for a couple years; it's tiny, it works well, and it's miniature size usually gets a lot of love. Useful for dorms or for people controlling portions, I love this thing. Comes in a bunch of colors if you got that person who color coordinates their kitchen (I swear certain people do appreciate that gesture) Sorry, the only picture I could find was this lame CG one, but seriously, are the BEST. I got one as a gift (way too attentive BFF heard me complaining about neck pain from sleeping) and it's been so good, I can't go back to standard feather. I've also since been forced to get it as gifts for other folks who have the same problem. :P Sleep Innovations is behind my purchases, so I can at least personally recommend it, but yeah you can get the fancy ones with cooling gel too. I'm trying not to break the bank, but I need this for a fella who's actually really good with the machines too.


GamingThread What JRPG are you playing right now?
Red Text 13 cool and creepy RPGs
Hey y'all. I help out at RPGFan and we did a pretty fantastic list (but listcles) (thank god :P) of . Fortunately it's not all just bloody and gory games but there's some great variety. Anyways, hope you like, and yes for all your JRPG fans, not to advertise (we work for free), but I do recommend us. :D You can check the full thing here: Alternatively, my bread and butter is making fancy graphic version summaries for Instagram (*sigh* making these is in part because of my fondness for the lost art of gaming magazines): Anyways, I hope you like it! I love our writers, and I love when I get a chance to make some cool junk in photoshop. x) ()


GamingThread RTTP: Xenoblade Chronicles 1 (after finishing 2)
Red Text HD when.
Gameplay-wise: XB1 has like 90% less menu shuffling and character micromanaging than XB2 and wins almost automatically for me based on that. The story felt way more original too. Also loved X. Port when. :P


GamingThread Cringiest cutscene you have ever seen in a video game?
Red Text "Yeah she's a naughty girl; oh yeah"
lol alright "cleaning up" a shower sequence to avoid ass crack cleaning is probably a good choice then... xD But I think what did it was literally having a bunch of dudes watching LITERALLY whispering What. The. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllll I mean on the other hand, how can I complain when the character seems to have been designed exactly for that kind of reaction.


GamingThread The World Within Xenoblade Chronicles X
Red Text Primordia
Best thing about daytime Cauldros is seeing the gold shine at the Capital. I really wish the game did more 'dungeon-y areas', I thought exploring the inside of that was too short lived but still really cool. I think Cauldros is the area that gives me the most of that hardcore sci-fi vibe (Xenoblade 1's Mechonis was divine for this palette and style as well) I'm just gonna keep gushing, because this game is in my Top 3. I honestly keep going between them. That vid pointed out how they all seem to have a different design philosophy that helps make each area look and feel different to explore. - Fun to run around, safe-ish, tons to see in the sky and coast when you're done with the "tutorial" area, it houses New LA which is cool too :P - Gorgeous, varied, gorgeous, that music, I feel like I'm on an vacation-adventure every time here. I love that it gets weird sometimes too.... Like nature divided by 0. - I love the mystery, the [alien] ruins, the wide fields, the heights. I feel like this area has a "history" - I love that this place "wakes up" at night. I love how alien it feels, Silv feels most removed from a world we'd recognize, and makes it pretty and dangerous - I love how intense and scary it is. It's the sci-fi world gone wrong. It's "powerful" looking.


EtcetEraThread What do people expect from minimum wage workers?
Red Text B
I remember the I went from retail grunt to which effectively just meant I was a full-time grunt with a couple override codes. Took me 1.5 years of that. Wonder how long it would have taken to get to the top. I honestly think it's better to just move on if you really are trying to move up, and just leverage your job with another. My friend also worked at a place with a team for a few years, and they 'restructured' and effectively got rid of the high-paid longterm employees for new/cheaper help. Still... what other systems would work?


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Red Text Mod Edit: Link removed.
Not to bring up an old scar, but I mean...that title :P Oh... I'd advice against reading it unless you wanna break out the rhetoric bingo card


GamingThread Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account makes transphobic joke (READ OP)
Red Text on fire
oh my god what is this topic. Do we have to defend people's "rights" to say something stupid (let alone this MASSIVE elephant in the room like it's potential for harm against vulnerable peoples)? Is this like "n-word-related" dialogues? I understand that no one wants to be told what they do... this world is right now and the last thing it needs is piddly commentary about your to say a bad and not-even-funny "line" allegedly said in the name of "good humor" and defending ignorance. Would you be the same as folk 'defending' rape jokes (because "it's just a joke!")?


EtcetEraThread LTTP: Labyrinth (Henson)
Red Text nc
David Bowie ruined my innocence with those pants. I love this movie. It's so weird, it's super creative, surprisingly bleak (till it isn't and that ending party happens). I do think Hoggle kind of sucked; and I laugh that Connoly is totally a LARPer before it came into fashion ...they do not make movies like this anymore... Anyways...


GamingThread I'm sharing fan art and so can you! || A ResetEra Fan-Art Topic! (keep it SFW)
Red Text 1) Keep it SFW!!! (most important)
Whether you're or wanting to gorgeous creations; I sincerely miss the Fan Art topics we had at the other forum, and I think it's time to bring it back!! A few things. Some of you following me on or have probably seen me posting these; instead of replaying the series, I wanted to draw the heroines of the Final Fantasy series for it's 30th anniversary (hope you like!!). I've been a lifelong series fan, so I took about a couple months to make about 15 portraits and wanted something fans could geek with me over or those who don't play to at least enjoy some pictures. Always had a soft spot for the first Mario RPG. Yoshiyaki is a colour and lighting master and uses it to create some incredible 3D-like depth. There's a good number of VG fanart too~ Nisat is my current art crush for creating some gorgeous Overwatch art, specifically on Symmetra POST SOME ART!!!