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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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GamingThread So... Is Residenr Evil 5 the most politically incorrect game to play right now?
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Racist Trolling; Prior Severe Infractions for Sexist and Racist Trolling
Just went downstairs to grab some milk for my 1 year old and noticed my nephew playing RE5. He was playing online, his co-op partner was Sheeva dressed in basically a loin cloth, while he's Chris Redfield sniping African zombies... And I'm just thinking to myself after watching dozens of protest videos today... God this is probably the worst time to play this game.


EtcetEraThread 30% of Americans think Coronavirus was created in a lab
Reason User banned (1 week): Propagating conspiracy theories over multiple posts
I'll have to check this video out.Yeah I doubt that. If anyone unleashed this virus on the world, I think it would be more possible that a terrorist organization or perhaps even Russia. Either way though, I think a bio-engineered weapon would be far more lethal.The answer will never come out because the government in Wuhan began covering this up from day 1. China is not going to lose face if they can help it. If it did come from a lab, think about it like this. Every organization studying this thing trying to find a cure would be at risk of people straight up saying fuck that we do not want you here in our town after what happened in Wuhan Double edged sword.Source of what? The lab being around 300 yards away from the wet market? Or that it studied viruses that came from bats? Go look it up, this is common knowledge.I said accident for a reason. Studying live animals and the viruses within them is a risk, and any slight fuck up could potentially cause an outbreak such as the one we are facing right now.


EtcetEraThread Virgina Governor pushes bill that allows a baby to born and then aborted??
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Sexism, fearmongering, and misrepresenting information
If men could have babies I'd be saying the same damn thing. How the fuck could it be considered legal to do this? I know it's fearmongering, but it just doesn't seem right to forego most the restrictions and let you waltz right in and say hey doc, my head hurts. I want to do this. You'd hope the doctor could talk some sense into them and refuse but, where does it say that? Health impairment is way too vague. That that's even an option being discussed....I know most people wouldn't, but it just seems wrong.


EtcetEraThread Why was Black Panther so highly overrated??
Reason User warning: Bad faith argument and dismissing systematic racism
Damn near everyone saying it's a cultural event is saying it is one because it's mainly black cast, black director, it's set in Africa, it shows black people having futuristic technology, it's a like a black fairy tale, it has rhino's, look they have fake accents, I mean seriously y'all are saying black this and Black that as xyz reasons it is so significant. Yet like a few others have said, saying that is a straight up disservice to film and the cast. It seems like y'all like to use the race card when it helps your case. And then yell bigotry and ignorance when someone else says no, this shouldn't matter. Seeing people as equals does not equate to being ignorant of the trials and tribulations some have suffered. That's stupid and not equality at all. Many people suffer, for one reason or another. Pain is something we all share in life, and it should bring us together not divide. Seeing people as equals does not mean I fucking paint blue over my eyeballs and everyone is blue now. Why the fuck else would I be here, responding to every person I can about this movie and my thoughts. Despite the fact motherfuckers took out your pitch forks and yelled un forastero as soon as I compared it to Batman vs. Superman.