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GamingThread Ion Fury devs show signs of transphobia among other issues. [Update: Voidpoint apologizes in statement, see threadmarks]
Reason User banned (3 days): advocating for piracy, platform warring
Hi, I'm new here. I'm a man (assigned female at birth) who's been into ego shooters since my dad let me play Quake as a kid, much to his surprise and amusement that I wanted to, and ego shooters have been one of the few safe topics we could connect on until he passed away. The last one we ever talked about was Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, which we both thought was terrible, and I haven't bothered with the new ones. I bought Ion Maiden in Early Access, which was basically a short demo, and it got me so stoked I double-dipped and bought the Limited Founder's Edition which I'm still waiting for. I got down on the full version the moment it launched, beat it on Maximum Fury without savescumming in two eight-hour sittings, and it's far and away the best ego shooter campaign I've played since Modern Warfare 2. I started talking about it with one of my friends and told them to check it out, and then they told me about all this nonsense. I came here to check it out, and... this has been all really fucked up, straight from one of the best experiences I've had with a videogame this year (and in my life in general) to a persistent migraine that I'm still reconciling with. Total whiplash in the past week. I'm not so shocked that some of the developers are blatant bigots and their fanbase are supportive of them. I've always been a hardcore gamer, I know the culture, I deal with this shit online and off all the time. I'm glad this forum exists and that there are people on here who will not let hateful and phobic viewpoints fester without opposition. I'm surprised that 3D Realms has made a reasonable and direct apology, and I'm laughing at all the hypocritical idiots who are review bombing and screaming about censorship because a shampoo bottle is getting replaced. In the future I hope people will remember the game and not this incident, because the game is life-affirmingly incredible to me aside from that one shampoo bottle sprite and an OOB message and repeated references to The Room, and I hope the transphobic people who made this game continue to make incredible games without their phobic bullshit in them. But, to be more personal, this event really underscored a conflict I've had my whole life in how I relate to art and other people. All my trans and allied friends don't really care about videogames, and I don't blame them, but it's frustrating when Ion Maiden has so much that's original and breathtaking to say about level design, simply some of the most inventive and detailed and sprawling and interconnected ego shooter levels ever are in this, but people everywhere (and on here) will take any excuse to disregard brilliance and go back to playing Overwatch or their even more insidious Atlus JRPGs. If you don't want to support bigots, why not pirate the game? And if you care about ego shooters, why are you talking about buying it on Switch? I can understand playing it on a real console if one's life situation demands it, but a Switch? There's no chance it'll run at 60FPS (it already chugs a bit on my GTX 1070-equipped PC), and how are you gonna snap headshots while strafing in a split-second with those nubbed finger sticks unless the game does it for you, and then what's the point? It's just not fair to the game, or to yourself. . Is it really worth it? All my life I've had to engage with people who pretend to tolerate my identity, and people who pretend to care about videogames. The only safe space I could rely upon growing up is playing Quake III online, kicking ass and earning respect, but I can't take that outside. I can't take it online anymore either, because nobody cares about Quake anymore and people decided to cancel LawBreakers. Cancel Paragon. Cancel Ion Fury. Cancel everything. Everyone's a fucking asshole who hates me and the things I love, and in the end I'm so numb to bigotry and to posers and to all the screaming and nobody really loving anything anymore. I can't express how I feel about anything anymore without being canceled. I'm a trans person and Ion Fury is GOTY 2019. Please play it.