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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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GamingThread Xbox players are fed up with forced crossplay against PC gamers.
Reason User Banned (2 Week): Platform warring, recently returned from long ban
Unpopular opinion: But if you like to play multiplayer FPS, you shouldn't be on consoles period. Playing an FPS on a console is like driving a car with your feet. Console gaming gimped the FPS genre for PC gamers as a whole and made the genre worse off. I have zero sympathy for any FPS player that chooses to play on a console.


GamingThread Ubisoft is now officially selling NFTs: Ubisoft Quartz
Reason User banned (1 month): Trolling over a series of posts. Multiple prior bans for trolling.
I'm actually a true believer. I do admit that it's a pipe dream but I think the video game industry as a whole is a giant scam worthy of being compared to Bernie Madoff Ponzi schemes. The transition to digital has been handled incredibly poorly by console gaming. PC gaming to a much lesser extent. I dunno if NFTs will be of any significance to gaming in the future but I hope one day this entire industry is burned to the ground and rebuilt into something better than it currently is.


EtcetEraThread Discord CEO appears to suggest some sort of Ethereum/NFT integration in Discord is coming
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Trolling and Making Fun of People's Identity; History of Trolling
For the record, Stan is not the preferred nomenclature. Fomosexual is what I like to be called.


EtcetEraThread For the last several months I have effectively been all in on cryptocurrencies: My experience with decentralized finance.
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Trolling over a Series of Posts
Interestingly enough, back when I was a bit more skeptical of this space, I had a similar belief. I decided to attend a Ted Talk by Charles Hoskinson back in 2018 about it since I was in the area at the time. Hoskinson in case many of you are unfamiliar with his work, is the founded of Cardano and it's native token, ADA. Anyways, during the talk on decentralization and the future of cryptocurrencies, I became more and more convinced he was legit and not just a snake oil salesman. During the question and answer period I had an opportunity to ask him a tough question so I did. I asked him why there were so few real world use cases for cryptocurrencies at the time and why did we need Cardano. He looked pissed but was polite and answered my question with a PR friendly response and then asked me to approach him after the event before taking questions from other audience members. "Later that night, in bed, as he lit a cigarette, I strummed my fingers across his bare chest and reminded him about my question earlier. He placed his fingers over my lips and whispered into my ear, "How can I think about real world use cases for crypto when I have this on my mind all day?" as he caressed me ass before placing his lips onto mine.


EtcetEraThread After congressional vote, El Salvador officially becomes first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Hostility/Insults
Official reason given is that you can't talk about investing in crypto outside of the crypto OT. Newsworthy events are fine to discuss. But really it's because this website is weirdly full of Crypto Karens


EtcetEraThread Scotland’s Sturgeon puts UK on independence warning - she wants to hold a second independence referendum as soon as next year
Reason User warned: inappropriate commentary
Perhaps against my better judgement, I plan on betting about $10,000 on this if there is a referendum.


GamingThread I actually don't hate Epic Game Store
Reason User Warned: Inflammatory false equivalence
The outrage over EGS is one of the most pathetic Gamer (TM) Outrage campaigns I've ever witnessed. If it weren't for Gamergate, it'd probably win the award. Pretty much everything people have warned me about the EGS has been a gross exaggeration or just flat out not happened yet. One person told me it'd be the end of game sales if Epic has their way and literally weeks later, they had a pretty damn good Summer Sale type of event.