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EtcetEraThread Rurouni Kenshin mangaka Nobuhiro Watsuki charged with child porn possession [Mod edit: READ THE OP]
Reason User banned (72h): repeated instances of trolling including this post
These artists doing so is reprehensible and disgusting. But it would be more troubling if the founder of a mayor religion, like say Jesus, came to light did such. If people kept such as a role model in every aspect after such, could be real harmful for society.


GamingThread Lay It Omni: What REALLY Stops Women From Going Pro in Esports?
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Repeatedly downplaying the existence and impact of sexism, history of infractions.
E-sports are international. I've a hard time believing everywhere from america, to all of europe, to asia, to latin america, etc all have a highly toxic environment. edit: as for being competitive environments it is to be expected for them to be such when it comes to a competitive activity.


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason User Banned (1 month) Repeatedly entering the 'Why Women Criticize etc.' thread to make bad faith arguments and be dismissive of the issues despite a previous warning and ban for the same behaviour. Ban extended after review.
The few snippets of zero two's behavior I've seen are quite ludicrous. The thing is gender /= biological sex. And there are people who don't subscribe to either gender. Unless you're doing something like deepfakes, or mimicking the face of some real person, it is fiction don't think nonexistent character representation has anything to do with respect, it only deals with representation of biological sex which is distinct from gender, women /= biological female bodies. The same issues could be brought against future sex bots, once they pass the uncanny valley. But again, I do not think objects with female bodies in and of themselves are disrespecting anyone. If you see the statue of David, in what way does that disrespect men? I don't think it does. I think this idea is an attempt at trying to use the "misappropriation" idea again, to misuse it, that is to say you can't portray a certain race, a certain sex, a certain class, a certain group, a certain political group, a certain religion without permission. But in fiction, you don't need to ask neo-nazis or kkk or surviving nazis how to portray them. In satire you don't need to ask a political party if they'd like to be made fun off. Irrespective of the group, freedom of expression allows you to represent any group any class. Of course if you do tasteless things, you will offend, you will provoke, and you will have to deal with the result of that.


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason User banned (3 days) for repeated trolling and disingenuous argumentation
Look in medieval art women were portarayed as morbidly obese. That appeased their wealthy wives. But the athletic village girl and maid was always there. Take the reality behind closed doors as you will. Human height is determined by genes and with proper nutrition the average height went up quite a bit showing a dormant trait spread through many western populations.


GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason User warned: trolling, literal objectification
Here's the thing. Women happen to have such bodies, but they're not the only ones with said bodies, there are works of art that share said body type. Statues, dolls, drawings, all manner of art shares possession of said bodies. The female body design is public domain, it belongs to no group. Eventually there will likely be fully functional indistinguishable objects whose sole purpose is to serve and please. Barring legal issues, these objects will share the same human body design used by humans. If I happened to look like a broom, it matters little if I predate the broom. The broom would be an object that just so happens shares my appearance. When people talk of brooms or use brooms, I shouldn't be offended by such.


EtcetEraThread Fascism, alt-right/nazis & the importance of de-platforming |OT|
Reason User Banned (1 week): Whataboutism, sexism, arguing in bad faith, prior warnings and bans for similar behavior.
Look I dont watch much alt right stuff like in the Tarantino thread they may have some dark stuff in their past, maybe even recent, dunnoh. But many denounce nazis and violence and racism only to be called alt-light. The same happens with opponents of feminism they ask where is all the denouncement of extremists and unfair legislation from the moderates, only a token modicum while often associating with them? The problem is going to altright funded platforms and trying to deplatform them there. Doxxing and harassing employers with lies and exaggerations. U know someone gets a hostile ex that cheats accuses of physical abuse, rape and child abuse etc, and is proven innocent in court. Divorce may rape them anyway with hefty alimony and child support. They go down MRA rabbit hole become alt are doxxed cant get employed. Suddenly jailed for not being able to pay child support. Raped in jail given hiv. And suddenly homelessness jail and sentenced to death. Here's the point they say they deny the holocaust say genocide never was committed by nazis and that thats demonization. Such evil never happened. But they are pro genocide? There are probably genocidal supremacists but there are also those who say genocide is wrong and merely use the word nazi to represent a false glorified idea of a group that never committed genocide. Based on the nonsense conspiracy of holocaust denial. Wouldnt be surprised if theyve tossed all the evil under demonization conspiracy and only follow some imaginary nonexistent mythical nazi. All women is wrong but some( and some men)? Fifty shades doesnt help. Soy harm is exaggerated but whether it is or isnt somewhat harmful would require detangling soy industry propaganda. Will watch vid. Nazis are evil but at least some use conspiracies to believe their worse acts never happened. I dont know what they find in it but at least some wouldnt be so intent on denying genocide if they were pro genocide. The argument Im seeing is theyre arguing in bad faith but even so the followers would be attracted on wrong beliefs and oppose genocide. Like say someone recruits talking about slavery how bad it is and how it never happened. How can they at any moment go slavery time boys with their misled followers? Would be like Hillary saying mass deportation out of the blue there wouldnt be acceptance.