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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

Cipherr's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread CBS anchor Gayle King threatened by Snoop Dogg, others following report on Kobe Bryant
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Whataboutism. Excusing Harassment.
Yeah, ironically they have no army, Gayles the one thats been getting completely blown the fuck up. People did not appreciate her asking Leslie about Kobes rapes. This has been evvverywhere last few days.We all know they wouldnt. We know that. Everyone is tough online, and clout chasing is a hell of a drug. I honestly wouldnt have as much of a problem with it if the same folks went as hard on the Hollywood pedos and the fucking weirdos marrying their stepdaughters and all this other shit that these same people know. But she aint got that energy for them. Her or Oprah, so they blew her ass up. Oh well... Death threats clearly cross the line, but I ain't surprised coming from snoop dog.


EtcetEraThread Hillary Clinton reiterates she will support whoever the 2020 Democratic nominee is
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Trolling, antagonizing
Rent free, Forever.You know that's on purpose right? It's done BECAUSE it bothers you. It cheap entertainment on ERA done just to rile you up. Even as she is completely politically irrelevant, they can send half of yall into a blind frothing rage by calling her queen. I've even started to enjoy watching it myself. Need to seriously get a hold of yourselves. Imagine seriously posting "We need to sit down and have a discussion about Hillary having fans". LOL. Nah bruh. No we don't.


EtcetEraThread Every single fast food restaurant can learn from Chik-Fil-A in regards to service
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Inflammatory community generalizations and antagonizing other users
The hypocrisy is off the scale at times. But its so ingrained in this forum now that its a feature. So just learn to ignore it. Discuss what you are going to discuss, then leave the thread and let the self righteous circle jerk in peace for a page or two alone before the thread dies. Its the natural order of things now. Keep actively and ACTUALLY contributing IRL like you have been man. Know deep down that you are truly doing more than 99% of the keyboard warriors that have something clever to say about your character despite knowing fuck all about you.This is fucking hilarious.


EtcetEraThread US carriers kill Google's RCS messaging initiative
Reason User Warned: Antagonizing another member.
Nah you got busted making up shit mate. Your fabricated article title is garbage. Look at how this is reported everywhere: And it doesn't matter if their app is only compatible with the standard instead of 100% because the carriers are not blocking RCS to begin with. You will be able to continue to keep using your Google RCS app as if nothing happened before during and after they launch their app. Yet you reported this as the death of RCS. They can monetize their own personal carrier app all they want. As long as the normal Google Play Messaging App continues supporting the full standard and functions, who the hell cares except for the imaginary people that actually use carrier apps. This is like saying Netflix is dead because Verizon launched a video app that no one will use. Stop it slime.


EtcetEraThread Dave Chappelle Netflix Standup Trailer: Sticks & Stones (narrated by God)
Reason User Warned: Backseat modding
Just trying to save you the time, and eventual ban when the OT comes out. But hey, if you think this little tactic of putting words in peoples mouths and blatantly misrepresenting folks in order to try and them to do what you want is kosher then by all means knock yourself out. Waste of time though.


EtcetEraThread Disney severs ties with James Gunn after controversial tweets
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Disingenuous comparison involving a serious matter
So the line would be having apologize for the specific offense prior. I can see that being reasonable, as long as we extend it to everyone. Speaking to a previous post; if Kevin Spacey started getting roles again, but was by all reports on his best behaviour, then I would expect the community to be welcoming to him and extend him the chance to improve himself going forward; and not sneer and deride the fact that he got another chance at all. As long as that's the case it seems pretty reasonable to me.


EtcetEraThread Well, Ricky Gervais tweeted me and now his fanbase is attacking me.
Reason User Warned: Victim Blaming
I mean, isn't that what you were looking for? I'll admit to not understanding the allure of sharing thoughts probably best kept internal and broadcasting them to the world because "reasons". But if you get that attention in response... I mean, and? Outside of people crossing the line (which does happen and is NOT excusable) some return tweets from the person you took a shot at over the internet was/is one of the possibilities you were 100% aware of when you decided to type that. Whether he searched it or not is completely irrelevant. Sure, he didn't need to search his own name, and you also didn't need to share your random opinion across the internets either. Perhaps. I find it equally lame that average people who aren't sitting bored because they are wealthy beyond need take time out of their day to tweet shots and randoms they don't know. Ill never understand trying to pretend that taking that shot at some person over the internet is somehow so much more mature and "okay" than them responding.