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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

CaviarMeths's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Media Create Sales: Week 36, 2021 (Sep 06 - Sep 12) [Read STAFF POST]
Reason User Thread-Banned (3 Days): Continued derailment after staff post
Man, it sure is discouraging when the new guidelines prompt a bunch of people who have never participated in MC discussions before, in these threads or anywhere on the forum, come in here to tell the community that we're a bunch of toddlers who deserve to be banned. As if MC threads didn't already have a trolling problem, now people who normally just keep their community sniping contained to safe spaces like Discord and OTs will be coming in here to fire off their potshots too.In the past, and also in the present.


GamingThread Phil Spencer on Game Pass: "It is completely sustainable as it is", does not plan to increase price
Reason User Warned: Platform Waring
Phil, noted liar, has also said that GamePass subscriptions are driving software sales. People who have GamePass buy more games. And yeah, I'm sure that math factors into their sustainability™ models.


GamingThread Wait, there is no shut down the Switch via controller?!
Reason User warned: Off-topic derail
It's a highly recurring theme in any topic of race, especially relating to Black Americans. Threads about blackface in particular are always a mass graveyard of banned Europeans pretending that European racism is fake news. I'm saying it's refreshing that that happening in this thread and instead Europeans are just pretending to be aghast at the barbaric practice of putting electronics in sleep mode.


EtcetEraThread I don’t care about your pretentious kid
Reason User Warned: Inappropriate language
The secret is that nobody's kid actually prefers the original theatrical versions of Star Wars. They just wish their parents would about how much George Lucas has raped and pillaged their cherished memories by putting a goofy CGI slug in A New Hope.


GamingThread Some hackers start putting porn on their Switch profile pictures
Reason User warned: Don't downplay the possibility of children being exposed to porn.
Well sure it is bad and Nintendo needs to fix it, but come on, it's a little funny. It's an absurd situation and it's ok to have a chuckle at it. Edit: Already quoted a few times, but editing this to be less stupid as I clearly crossed a line.