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GamingThread VGTech:Resident Evil Village PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S Frame Rate Comparison (Gameplay Demo)
Reason User warned: Platform wars
This was absolutely a real possibility, and very likely why during the full PS5 reveal they just had the price graphic and Jim Ryan saying a canned "Well there it is!" and going on about it instead of ever saying the price, so he didn't have to record a bunch of takes of different prices. It stood out as very odd in the presentation.Many games use checkerboard 4k though... like, a LOT of games. Hell, the two big PS5 exclusives currently on the console (Demon's Souls and Returnal) run at 4k/30 | 1440p/60 and... 1080p, temporally reconstructed to 1440p, then checkerboarded to 4k/60. We're in the post-resolution era now, as Digital Foundry said. Just because they're having issues hitting native 4k at stable or high framerates does NOT mean that's a bad thing. Dusk wasn't insulting the console, he was just stating a reality that we're now seeing with our own eyes.It was information he believed to be correct, and honestly... things were one-sided here for a while. It's called SonyEra for a reason, lol.


GamingThread Outer Wilds confirmed EpicStore timed exclusive after luring crowdfundees with a steamrelease. [see EGS guidelines]
Reason User Warned: Misrepresenting arguments
Was the outrage this severe for Yooka Laylee or Bloodstained skipping Wii U (AND Vita in Bloodstained's case!) entirely, not even timed? Or is something else the problem here. Hmmm....