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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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EtcetEraThread Gizmodo: Crypto Platforms Are Halting Withdrawals as Bitcoin Tanks Over 13%
Reason User banned (2 weeks): thread detail, cross-thread sniping
And there we go. Thread is as good as closed, can't have FUD in here. I'm very interested in how this continues to evolve but not at all interested in "dip buy now" posts, which only leaves regular news threads instead of the ot. And I'm pretty sure the ot will report any "derailment" anyway immediately. This is a gizmodo article, not a rando Twitter post, please leave it open for a while :/


EtcetEraThread Moon Knight |OT| Embrace the CHAOS
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Whataboutism and Dismissing Concerns of Racism
I still don't get how this is such a big thing to get hung up on when it's one of the objectively hardest to speak languages on this planet, while literally all other languages get butchered regularly in all kinds of American movies and tv shows and nobody bats an eye. Yes, the guys' Mandarin was bad for literally one and a half line. Why is this not something to chuckle over, as all anime fans learned to do, and be fine with it?


GamingThread CDPR is a transphobic company. It's time we stop making excuses for them.
Reason User warned: Please don't encourage cross-thread sniping
yes THANK you for the support i can't lol edit okay i will go to bed or something before i also unintentionally bait a ban. like. wow.