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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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GamingThread Suikoden creators announce Kickstarter "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes" for PC, PS4/5, X1/XSX [Update: $1.5 million funded in 16 hours, New Game+]
Reason User banned (2 weeks): antagonising another member, multiple prior bans for antagonising members
Screw Gematsu, screw them. They act like damn experts on Japanese everything. They're Tired of Sal shrieking and screeching ah ah ah don't copy and paste this and that article here, it's a Gematsu exclusive!! Cry me a river Sal. The news is posted everywhere within minutes, stop acting like you have all these exclusive scoops when you After the night I had last night I'm in the mood for "prominent" forum members, forum antics and "credible" journalists. I'm tired of being afraid to say what I think of this joke of an industry. The games are great, the industry politics aren't.


GamingThread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT3| Nintendo Direct Speculation Trilogy HD
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Antagonizing Another User; Prior Ban for Similar Behavior
No, he really shouldn‘t. The guy is a real piece of work. Last time I tried to inform the community of his “forum history“ I ate a 3 day ban for so I’ll leave it at that.


GamingThread NPD September 2019: NBA 2K20 #1, already #1 year-to-date, Borderlands 3 #2, Link's Awakening #4, Gears 5 #7, Code Vein #8
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Personal attacks and off-site drama
What part of his post are you having trouble understanding, of GameFaqs infamy? Everyone around these parts you interact with should know that you post there too along with your posting history. You treat posters there beyond terribly, it’s unacceptable. Talking down to others, condescending attitude and though not lately throwing grand fits when you weren’t first in making the Official Nintendo Direct topics. Your posting history tells the whole story. That’s all I’ll say on that. As to the post you quoted, he‘s exactly right. Not every game series is going to succeed in the West. It’s not a realistic wish. Some properties just....don’t resonate with the Western markets and that’s okay. What part of that didn’t you understand,of GamAgain, these companies aren’t charities. Nintendo has gone way way above and beyond trying to market that series to the West in a way to get it interested for a very long time now. it’s just not catching on. At some point they’ve gotta look at it and go “We tried all we could, this isn’t for lack of effort. There’s simply nothing more we can do.” What more would you have them do? Throw more money at it? There’s only so much you can throw at it. Call me an asshole all you want but at some point you folks have gotta let this go. Be grateful for what you did get. There’s a very good chance DQ 12 won’t make it West and if that’ve just gotta swallow and accept it. Nintendo truly has tried marketing it every which way you possibly can. It’s a fantastic series that’s just not taking off here. I’m truly sorry it’s not. It’s again you can’t always get what you want, stomping shrieking and screaming doesn’t always work.


GamingThread Sony really needs to get its shit together
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Inflammatory System Wars; Junior phase account
Sony needs to get its shit together in a lot of ways, unfortunately. The PSN issues are just the tip of their iceberg. I'm disgusted by their success, they don't deserve one damn bit of it. I realize any product is going to have dedicated consumers but I really don't get what the deal is with this one company. With these guys folks are fiercely loyal to the brand, for life, and to a hard core extent. They've brainwashed y'all to great effect I'm afraid and it's becoming scary. I realized how severe the brand loyalty had become back when the PS3 had caused them severe problems and grown ass men were SUPPOSEDLY calling both the US and Japanese HQs crying, crying actual tears that they loved PlayStation so much they offered to give up paychecks along with their entire life savings to bail them out, that they'd be there for them, etc. IF that really happened that's downright damn pathetic! Honestly, the PS3 fiasco should have costed them their entire company, not get bailed out by loyalists the way they were. They don't care who you are and don't know any of you on a first name basis. Sony isn't your brahs, bros, fam whatever you want to call them. They exist only to make money in the ways they feel are best. What concerns me is there's becoming more of the whole "Hail to the King!" and "Sony always wins baby!" sentiment flying blindly. A lot of you really should sit down and think rationally as well as clear headed on what that company really is and what's going on there. The truth isn't pretty and as the truth comes out I'm not sure what these ultra loyalists are gonna do. I worry for them... I don't really do much online gaming, but I saw several specific posters across this forum and Gamefaqs absolutely adamant cross play didn't matter, was irrelevant, must have mattered to many because when backlash gets so loud the damn company has to address it, that sure as hell isnt just no big deal at that point. But that's been this company for years, consumers bringing up legitimate complaints about PSN, customer service they want fixed and they just sit there hearing you, I hate to tell you this but they don't wanna do a damn thing about it. But why should they when their loyal PlayStation Nation has their backs no matter what?! The gentleman responsible for PSN infrastructure...yeah he should have been canned years ago. Things like name changes aren't at all hard to implement but for that you need a competent, functioning infrastructure. They'd have that if they'd kicked his ass to the curb long ago, the promotional email issues? Flat out incompetence. Sony Rewards needing a separate account your PSN account needs to piggyback on to work?! The hell is that about? Microsoft is embarrassing their asses huge right now. Again, I see some have waving on backwards compatibility, with some saying we don't need it. The hell we don't! That's an important selling point to many. IRL consumers have told me they refused to buy PS4 due to no native BC, I don't blame them! Go look right now on the Microsoft Store...the sheer amount of 360/original Xbox BC games is staggering! I just looked on there yesterday abd was shocked speechless at how many got added since I last looked! At minimum, they need native PS1 and 2 BC. No PS3 right now I get but the other two should damn well be there. Those two are either x86 or a variant, there's big time issues if their people can't see that. That shit can be up and running very fast. No excuses. Then there's this whole PS Classic business. It's a crystal clear example of how they can't come up with their own original ideas so rather than do that they're desperately trying to sink Nintendo by copying them. If I were all of you I'd be very Leary on them not providing the full included game list. I mean hell they even copied them to the extent of no adapter included!! They have a smug, cocky, arrogant attitude right now with a dash of we're invincible thrown in there, and it's gonna be their downfall. Because even the most die hard loyalists are gonna start waking up and when they do, they've got a hellstorm on their hands. Microsoft is putting them to great shame. Finally reliable hardware, Live makes PSN look like amateur hour and their UI is very impressive. They you know listen to what consumers want. All that's keeping me from totally migrating there right now is Japanese support. The other thing that's got me uneasy is how badly the PlayStation Nation wants Nintendo gone for good or to go third party. They're actively working towards that, some of what I've seen in stores this year you wouldn't believe, it's got me gravely concerned for Nintendo right now. I just wish....the media wouldn't sweep Sony's many serious issues under the rug abd would fully expose them. The nasty truth about that company needs to be exposed. I wish a journalist would have the guts to write what I already know, it's their place to tell you guys. Not me. I just hope that truth comes out sooner rather than later. They're not for the players at all, folks please wake up to whats going on there and who they really are.