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GamingThread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT8| One for the Mini, two for the not-E3 show
Reason User Warned: Hostility
There's a difference between marketing being affected versus if it's justifiable. Their marketing is currently affected by COVID19, yes. Nobody is arguing that. I don't think continued radio silence is justifiable since most their 2020 lineup should be minimally affected.It's true nobody knows the exact details of development timelines. We can only make educated assumptions. Nintendo typically does not reveal games until they're close to release. Their Summer/Fall, and arguably their Winter games, should all be in polishing, or about to enter polishing.Localization and production happen concurrently alongside development (production later obviously). It's not a linear process. Of course all those facets are affected too. But localization should be entering the polishing stages alongside development. Production and retail are the main bottlenecks, but even with retail most stores in the US will be opening up by the end of May/June.Hardware stock is another issue entirely, although Nintendo is doing a good job at bolstering productions with the increased demand. Games releasing this Fall really aren't being affected. Look at Cyberpunk, CD Red outright said they're still on track for their planned September release. The games that are being affected are either: 1. Games that are coming out this Spring (e.f. TLOu2), which are being hit with supply chain issues. Nintendo has none of past Xenoblade DE and Clubhouse Games 2. Games slated beyond Fall 2020, which we really can't measure the pandemic's impact on right now.None of those announcements anyone would call "major", or frankly exciting. It's a set of minimal announcements of either small/casual games, or (lackluster) updates on preexisting games.Lol get your head out of your ass. Just because I disagree with your points doesn't make mine any less valid. It's an internet forum dude.


GamingThread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT7| March Madness
Reason User warned: Ableist rhetoric
The first 30 minutes weren't remotely as bad as E3 2008's entire focus on casual games, the only one which fits that criteria is 1-2-Switch. I don't see how anything could rationally believe the Switch would be another Nintendo system driven by motion control gimmicks (which isn't inherently a bad thing) given:Anyone had that assumption based off the first was just foolish. The conference lean towards Japanese tastes, but that wasn't a bad thing. And it's not like Nintendo didn't try and have Western Third Parties there, they had EA and Bethesda there to announce ports. Still, announcements like SMT and a new No More Heroes ( which wasn't known to be a spinoff at the time of reveal, and it led to NMH3 regardless) were huge for enthusiasts who actually cared about those franchises, with the latter being a pipedream-level announcement. I imagine most people bitching about the conference just had bad tastes and didn't care about those type of series, which is on them entirely. Splatoon 2 being partially leaked (leakers were saying this was an enhanced port, not a brand new sequel) doesn't take away from the announcement's impact on the reveal lineup.The only thing "awkward" about it was the live translators occasionally stumbling over their words. Besides that, it was a top-to-bottom traditional press conference, nothing about it was long-winded. I guess if you've only grown up on Directs and need every single announcement crammed in 30 minutes ADHD-style it might be too long?


GamingThread PlayStation: Mark Cerny will provide a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture tomorrow at 9am PT
Reason User warned: Platform warring
I really don't think any of Sony's PR with the PS5 has had "extremely high engagement" Resetera is a huge bubble, there's a reason people mocked this site and GAF as a den of Sony fanboyism for over a decade. Nobody outside of enthusiasts are going to watch this stream, while normal press conferences/reveals actually garner wider audiences. This is especially true for revealing the intial details of the PS5 through a random ass article out of the blue,.


GamingThread Just a reminder that Ghost Trick is really worth experiencing. It's only 10 hours long but you will carry it with you for the next 10 years after that
Reason User Banned (3 days): Advocating piracy
Emulation and DS flashcarts are an option if you're priced out. Not like the money would be going to the developers buying secondhand anyway. The game is also on iOS if that's viable, only way to buy a official version now.