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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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EtcetEraThread Black Americans flock to gun stores and clubs: 'I needed to protect myself' - Gun ownership among Black Americans is up 58.2%
Reason User Banned (duration pending review): dismissive commentary over a series of posts
I'm not here to be anyone's ally, your country sees us as a tributary state for it to plunder, so its cool with me whatever you choose to do (i just hope individuals in it dont suffer for it obviously), but I keep up with news in general and the US is the cultural hegemon (even more so black American culture). And your comment could literally be extended to anything that is culture related (dont talk to Europeans about race relationships they have their own history!, dont talk to Russians about corruption, they have their own history!) Maybe take the opportunity to look at a perspective not clouded by the fog of your own culture (like how Europeans should do so with Racism) It is a fact tho that saying "i dont trust statistics, i trust my gun to feel safe" is Anti-intellectualism and that it is a cultural prerogative that the US is currently exercising (both from the right and the left), same as how guns are culturally accepted, and I made a comment about that, simple as.I wouldnt have black americans do anything (because im not american or black), im not proposing solutions to your issues, im just commenting on the anti-intellectualism revolving around it.


EtcetEraThread So those Goblins in Harry Potter are antisemitic right?
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Excusing Antisemitism
The reason i take issue with your statements is that one needs to understand the root of problems to properly eliminate them, i think its important and usefull to pinpoint problems to create the most effective solution, and thinking that old european folklore from the 10th Century was created to demonise Jews serves no purpose, contrary to saying that new reimagined folklore from the 19th century is the likely culprit I corrected the DnD thing, i meant DnD and Tolkien depictions, its true that its not just DnD, buts definetely from the 19th century up Im not actually denying that modern folklore can be racist, but im in fact saying that almost the entire folklore of old Europe (or the world at large for that matter) is definetely NOT racist (not that people werent racist, they were racist), simply by virtue that most folklore is local and communities in around the world were mostly agrarian farmers who had basically no contact with anyone outside their village so their folklore normally depicted more local problems. I think this discussion is way beyond you, you are applying modern societal logic to old societies that operated completely different to our modern ones, maybe start reading like one single wikipedia article before spouting all this nonesense.


GamingThread (IGN)How Campo Santo's move to Valve does, and doesn’t, affect In The Valley of Gods
Reason User Warned: Derailing the thread
Is it just hard for you to see that Valve has completely focused their product efforts on hardware lately? I mean....yeah they arent making games, but they released products in the form of the steam link, the steam controller, the vibe and the steam machines. And they are actually releasing a game this year for crying out loud.