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GamingThread Official Update on Xbox Live Gold Pricing from Microsoft
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Platform Warring; Previous Similar Infractions and Behavior
MS is truly the worst ever thing to ever happen to gaming in general. It's because of them that online play is no longer free and that paying for DLC has been normalized. With the Xbox One, they attempted to kill your ability to lend/resell games as you see fit. Thankfully they failed. But they still tried and could have gotten away with it. They tried to remove your ability to play offline. With Game Pass, they're setting a permanent recurrent hook on your wallet. They expect that you will remain subscribed forever, hoping that at some point, your life will get in the way of you being able to play enough games to make it worth the price, yet remain subscribed just because you'll forget or not bother to unsubscribe, turning it into a losing proposition for you, and a winning proposition for them. If Kinect had taken off and became the success they had hoped, you can bet that at some point, they would have tried to justify you paying more for watching movies if more people were detected in the room. . They have always been evil, and will always be evil. This price increase is yet one more example of this.


GamingThread Video Games Chronicle: "Sony 'isn't hearing' PS5 storage criticism, says PlayStation CEO"
Reason User Banner (2 weeks): Inflammatory and inappropriate point of comparison. Prior infractions for similar.
That's really what baffles me about this dialogue. You'd think some people on here have 20-25 games that they play in constant rotation that they uninstall for whatever reason. And whenever you bring up that argument, they're like "But what if the games are COD, Destiny 2, NBA, and every single largest game on the system" where you theoretically can only have 10 of those installed simultaneously. And to that I say, if your concern in life is that you can't concurrently alternate between playing 10+ titles at any given time, I'm seriously questioning the truthfulness of your arguments, or your life choices, or both. I suspect some people on here have that they should look into getting treated.


GamingThread Inugami Korone (Japanese Virtual YouTuber) Plays Super Mario Using Only English (42:56 long video)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Extremely inflammatory generalizations
Oh don't worry, we totally get that basement dwelling loner pedophile nerds are attracted and entertained by the fantasy of a cute blushing underage anime pet-girl who's into video games. We just hate it.


GamingThread Digital Foundry: Doom Eternal on Stadia Looks Great - But The Lag is Just Too High
Reason User Warned: Platform wars
So much for Negative Latency™. Just pull the plug already, Google! With next-gen consoles looming around the corner, you're going to have even more trouble even generating any sort of buzz around your inferior streaming service!


GamingThread Microsoft And Xbox Are Holding The Golden Key To The Future Of Gaming [Forbes]
Reason User warned: Disparaging game journalists with claims of astroturfing
At this point I'm convinced Microsoft PR has astroturfed its way into mainstream gaming/tech publications to push piles after piles of articles in its favor. It can't just be a coincidence. Every other month a similar article claiming that MS is poised to take the lead next gen comes out. I even made a very similar post in reaction to a similar article back in July, and that was after many similar articles came out in a short time:


GamingThread ‘The Messenger’ a new Ninja Gaiden-esque 2D Platformer
Reason Member warned for baselessly suggesting a developer lifted assests.
Wow the game looks so similar to Shovel Knight, most notably the Specter Knight expansion! Did you guys just lift assets or are some staff shared between the two? It can’t just be coincidental! Even the text “typing” sound is identical! I assume Jake Kaufman is composing? It sounds too much like him to not be him! If you guys can reach the same level of design mastery and polish as Shovel Knight, I’m in for sure!


GamingThread Hollow Knight Switch's Input Lag bums me out
Reason User Banned (2 days): "Lazy dev" rhetorics + Ignore previous moderation warning.
Except all they’ve done is denial. I’m trying to be constructive but it’s really hard considering everyone’s attitude. I don’t consider their explanation reasonable unless they’ve actually contacted Unity dev support and see if anything can be done about it. From their response it seems like they haven’t. Team cherry: have you contacted Unity dev support to see if anything can be done/fixed about their vsync implementation?


GamingThread Hollow Knight Switch's Input Lag bums me out
Reason User Warned: “Lazy Dev” rhetoric
Okay so basically, “it’s Unity’s fault”. Have you guys thought about raising the issue with Unity dev support and see if they can possibly provide a solution/fix, instead of taking the lazy route of not investigating it and pretending like it was intended all along? The PC version doesn’t seem to suffer from the same issue, so why not challenge Unity dev support on their implementation? Maybe they can even provide a fix?