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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

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GamingThread [VGC] The former lead designer of Kena: Bridge of Spirits claims he was ‘maliciously forced out’
Reason User warned: antagonizing another member, tag shaming
Yeah knowing that one of the mods is super hyped about this and even changed their tag to reflect it stings for me. But hey its their choice. If they want to be hyped along with the others then I can't stop them. I just won't play it myself.


GamingThread Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn |OT| End of the Road
Red Text This thread is about the FFXV: Ardyn DLC Episode. Due to the strong feelings members have over FFXV as a whole, please do not derail the topic into another debate on why you like or hate FFXV. The DLC itself is the focus of this discussion.


GamingThread Humble Monthly November brings Hollow Knight, Hitman Season 1 and more
Red Text MOD EDIT: Disclaimer - the links in Wario's tweets are affiliate links. We can't control what Wario tweets or is shared, but just giving you a heads up.
Link EDIT: Let's try this again! The games you get are:As usual, the price for Humble Monthly is 12 dollars! I haven't played the games but I know that Hollow Knight is a world class game and Hitman is just plain fun so this is a great deal!