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GamingThread Which Devil May Cry hero do women like?
Reason User Banned (1 week): Ableism
I'm a fella, so I can't officially vote, but if I were that way inclined, or in an alternate genderbent universe , my answers would go: Vergil. He's probably in better shape than DMC3 Dante. DMC3 Dante. Punk aesthetic yo. DMC5 Dante. All the +s of his 4 incarnation, but with a better dress sense. He'd be above DMC3 Dante if it weren't for the smell of motorcycle oil you just know he's covered in. Nero. He's a good boy with a bit of a temper, but the things he could do with those arms... DMC4 Dante. That jawline. That manly physique. Pity his dress sense ruins it. DmC Dante. Not my thing, even a bangin' bod like that isn't enough to wipe away terrible first impressions. Sick lay, but terrible boyfriend material. V. He'd be far too busy reading or talking to his pets to care about me. Also that cane? I don't go in for cripples. DMC2 Dante. Too moody. I didn't include DMC1 Dante since he's more or less just a character archetype than a full character, plus he's got the looks of an early ps2 game.