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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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GamingThread Engadget: Microsoft Was Right in 2013
Reason User Warned: Personal attack.
Funny thing, i did not typed my earlier quote as a response to anyone specifically but apparently it struck a nerve with you as you seem to have found the time and effort to type that wall of text reply of yours - complete with personal anecdotes! - trying to defend yourself as 'NOT A PAID SHILL'. Sad thing it has the opposite effect. Try not to be more obvious next time. Online marketing narratives is a tricky thing to implement especially something as blatantly anti-consumer as Xbox One 2013 policies. Shockingly, you're current and future 'digital console lifestyle' DOES NOT NEED an always online with a 24 hour checkin console nor does it need to remove the ability to play physical disks or play games offline to the detriment of others. An all-digital future DOES.NOT.NEED an always online with a 24 hour checkin console . Specifically, a digital games sharing implementation only needs your user permission and digital purchase history to work and it DOES-NOT-NEED an always online with a 24 hour checkin console.