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EtcetEraThread New Florida Law Makes Blasting Music in Car A Punishable Offense
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Troll Account
If you're blasting your trash music in the vicinity of others, as if others don't require silence for anything they want to do, you know what you're doing, and since you don't care about others' quality of life, no one else should feel bad whether or not you feel like shit for being punished for it. It will be briefly humorous, at the very least, for everyone else. For the many that are prematurely assuming this will unfairly target minorities, it's almost as if you want them to, so you can congratulate yourselves when it becomes true. The thing is, all of you might be exactly right, but we don't know that yet. Also, how would you even know it actually targeted minorities? Assuming Florida's police are corrupt enough, which probably aligns with said assumptions, they could just falsify or make up their stats. And then, assuming they actually recorded videos, retained evidence, and do everything to apply the law prudently, will the negative assumptions still be there? I just don't understand the need to prematurely whine about something that hasn't happened yet, and yet, everyone also whines about there not being enough evidence or that there's too much corruption or some other things that are directly related to automatically assuming others are assholes and lying. I'm surprised that at least one moderator has prematurely made this about race, somehow, with no presented evidence. Is this how the forum is operated? Will this post be deleted?