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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dismissing Concerns of Representation over a Series of Posts
So I know this is a really, really common reply to criticism and I want to reply to this: Me criticizing a show for it's writing doesn't invalidate anyone feeling, well, validated by said writing. Nor is something that makes someone feel validated in their identity impossible to criticize. These responses consisting merely of quotes of people feeling validated by something, insinuating that being critical of the same content is somehow an attack on those people is incredibly reductive and hurtful to any kind of discussion that goes beyond "This is something that someone enjoyed. Therefore it is good". Your reply to me only makes sense if I would have criticized the concept of diversity and inclusion, the fact that there is someone who isn't a white middle aged man in the show at all. Which isn't the case, of course. I'm criticizing the writing and the structure. That Marvel doesn't actually have an Egyptian woman star as the main character in the show about Egyptian super heroes, but that it's a show about a US Hollywood star starring opposite himself, with the Egyptian character also being allowed to be the super hero for one scene, for which the show then pauses, only to tell the audience: "Hey. This is an Egyptian super hero. Did you notice? Please clap." And OF COURSE everyone who is Egyptian claps. Because it's dope that there is any kind of representation. That doesn't make the scene impervious to criticism. Or even good. I can like the little bit of representation happening and also dislike the way Disney capitalizes on it and fails to make it a natural part of their movies and shows. It's not immoral or inappropriate to voice that I disliked it and saying that it is puts an incredible moral obligation on liking (or at least not voicing displeasure for) very specific, often pretty badly written blockbuster entertainment tailor made to extract as much money as possible from as many people as possible by an unfathomably rich US company whose bosses are well known to actively support politicians trying to cut back on the human rights of and hurt non-white cis men as much as they can. I'm also really, really not a fan of using excited fans as this buffer zone to try to invalidate opinions differing from them, no matter how common that is. I have a partner and friends of different backgrounds and identities and sexual orientations - I know that some of them love this exact kind of scene, some of them strongly dislike it and some are utterly indifferent to it. I could now pick the ones that share my opinion and use their identities to bolster my own opinions and make them impervious to differing opinions...but I don't think that is a very good idea.